Friday, November 28, 2008

No Outside Food Is Allowed!

"Please be informed that all employees are NOT ALLOWED to bring their own prepared food and off-site pre-packed food into the cafeteria effective from 1st Dec 2008 ( Mon ) .

This is to re-enforce the earlier mail that we have sent out earlier. We are very concern about the previous packed food from outside that caused food poisoning to our employees. Our cafeteria committee members will work closely with the in-house caterer to provide a great variety of "Halal" food to meet the employees’ needs.

The company shall take stern action against employee(s) who violates the above rule."

Eventually, my practice to have breakfast at home & lunch at my mom's place save me from getting into troubles! Since primary school, I used to have light breakfast on weekdays. Before going to work, I'll have either Milo/Coffee with bread/biscuits or oat/Nestum in milk or cereals in milk. That's it. Simple and easy. For my lunch, I dine in at my parents place since I started to work at Bayan Lepas FTZ. Mom's home-cooked food is always the best choice.

But for those who used to bring their own prepared food or "ta pao" food, they will be affected. Just recently, our canteen food is catered by a nasi kandar cafe. You can imagine the canteen serve curries with coconut milk and those deep-fried fish, chicken and squid. All the food are heatty and high cholesterol which is bad for health. I'm thinking should the company subsidize blood screening test to all the employees?

Next, if all the exempt staffs go out for lunch, will the company draft another new rules that everybody shall stay in the factory for lunch? Oh no! That will be too bad!


Kadus_Mama said...

yerrrrrr!!!!! where can tell employees to eat only at the factory..thats too much lah..

Little Inbox said...

Kadus Mama, not yet la, now just cannot bring in outside food, but later ler? Hard to say there won't be any new rules lo.

Liang Mui said...

yer.. so bad one.. apa lar.. wanna earn money from the cafeteria is it?

New Kid on the Blog said...

there are many MNCs in FTZ practise such policy. and I know couple of them are like that too.

this is the way the manage... i had a food poisoning sometime ago, and now I only bring my own food to work. i hard step into the canteen now.

Little Inbox said...

Yes Liang Mui. The food is lousy, that's why very less ppl will dine in. So, the only way is to stop all the employees from bring own food to factory lor. Teruknya......

New kid, yes, but not only MNC, my previous Malaysian company also practise the same policy. Whoever want to go out, need to get approval from boss.
I don't mind to bring my own food to work, just that later another new policy will be released to stop any employee from eating in the office. So, where to go ar??

N said... come it's like that? should give staff more freedom to eat what they like ma..

Little Inbox said...

Nana, yalor, if not where got energy and mood to work ler hor?