Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Blood Screening Once A Year

Photo courtesy of http://www.johnderrick.com/

Every year our company will have the blood screening promotion package for just RM45. It includes 18KS health screen. You can add on some other test too if you like.

Pathlab 18KS Health Screen comprises tests on Haematology, Renal function, Diabetes screening, Thyroid profile, Liver function, Lipid profile, Tumour marker, Infectious diseases, Serology, Urinalysis. I took the 18KS test plus the breast and ovary cancer screening. The total cost is just RM45 + RM20 + RM20 = RM85.

The result was out last week. I feel relieved when I know everything is fine. Every adult should go for blood screening once a year. The reading is important for yearly monitoring. Any abnormalities or disease found at the early stage will alert you for early treatment or care.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tiger @ 11 Months Old

Time flies. He is now 11 months old. Most of the time, he is super naughty. "Notti" becomes his beautiful nickname. He made me fade up until I want to sell him. He's the king and we are his slaves. Arghhh......sounds pity?

Anyone out there want to adopt him? Fell free to contact me, hehe......

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Indian Ocean

When we were in Perth, we got a chance to see the Indian Ocean. This is the first time in my life to witness the real big ocean...nothing like our Straits of Melacca. You can see the ocean wave splashing towards the beach...and surfers there trying to catch that perfect wave.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Sally's Salon

After the Chocolate Shop Frenzy, I move on to develop my hair salon business. I like the lady thingy. Hairdo is one of them. So I found lots of fun operating my own salon.

My goal is to satisfy my clients by giving them a new fabulous look. I provide services like hair washing, hair cutting, hair coloring, hair blowing and eye brow trimming. I would say this game is not as challenging as Chocolate Shop Frenzy, cuz I'm not alone. With the money earned, I'm allowed to hire assistance to operate the simple task like tea making, hair washing and hair blowing. So, it reduces my burden, and I feel relax through out the gaming session. :)

I found that playing game with iPhone or iPod is more flexible and easier to handle as well. You don't need to control several button at once, but just with a finger. The LCD screen is so sensitive and responsive to soft finger touch. So far, this is the best handphone LCD touch screen. Nokia or any other brands are still far behind.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Say No To Plastic Bags

Photo courtesy of www.eco-local.org

Starting from July, Penang is on No Plastic Bag Campaign every Monday. More than 20 hypermarkets, supermarkets and even minimarkets participate in this campaign. So, remember, if you happened to shop on Monday, please bring along your recycling shopping bags. Otherwise, you got to pay extra 20 cents for each plastic bag.

In fact, all of us should support the reusable shopping bags. It is exchangeable for a new one after wear and tear. We just pay once to use the recycling bag for life. So, why not? This is the action to reduce the unnecessary usage of platic bags to save the world. Let's participate the campaign not only on Monday, but everyday.