Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Blood Screening Once A Year

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Every year our company will have the blood screening promotion package for just RM45. It includes 18KS health screen. You can add on some other test too if you like.

Pathlab 18KS Health Screen comprises tests on Haematology, Renal function, Diabetes screening, Thyroid profile, Liver function, Lipid profile, Tumour marker, Infectious diseases, Serology, Urinalysis. I took the 18KS test plus the breast and ovary cancer screening. The total cost is just RM45 + RM20 + RM20 = RM85.

The result was out last week. I feel relieved when I know everything is fine. Every adult should go for blood screening once a year. The reading is important for yearly monitoring. Any abnormalities or disease found at the early stage will alert you for early treatment or care.


Mama Mia said...

wow..that's a good price. All those test and only cost RM85.

I have a friend of a friend's daughter who just had 1 of her ovary removed due to infection. If only her parents took her to proper check-up earlier,this could have been prevented..


It's true - the test is important for early diagnosis

nana said...

sometimes it's scary to go for these checkups..but as the saying goes; prevention is always better than cure :)

Little Inbox said...

Mama Mia, yes the package is much more cheaper. I got a voucher for hubby too.

MRC & nana, correct! Got to take care of our body.

KaDusMama said...

yesterday..was trying to post a comment here..but unsuccessful..can't open ur comment box..
I did my blood test last year..and will do again next year..
I'm not doing a blood test every year..once in 2 years only..can lah like that hor?

Little Inbox said...

Kadus Mama, still ok lah!