Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Beverly Hills Chihuahua

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These days we are crazy over the high definition Blue-ray converted DVDs. We use the PS3 to play DVD instead of playing games, LOL.

Just last Sunday night, we watched the Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Chloe is a Beverly Hill Chihuahua who owned by Vivian. Chloe get a life which lots of ladies are desperate for. Vivian pampers her so much. She is brought to shop for latest fashion. She is put on nice clothes, booties and gorgeous jewelry. At home, she enjoys her time for swimming and sun bathing. She owns her own private garden, swimming pool and sun bathing bench. Oh, what a wonderful life she has.

One day, Vivian has to go on a business trip and Chloe was taken care by her niece, Rachel. The exciting part begins when Rachel brought Chloe to Mexico. Poor Chloe was kidnapped and put into a dog fight with a Doberman dog, named El Diablo. She was fortunate to be saved by a German Shepperd, Delgado. Both of them went though a hard journey to find a way home to Beverly Hills. They met a group of Chihuahuas. There's where Chloe learns how to bark and the Chihuahua's slogan "Tiny but Mighty".

Not to forget about Papi, a gardener Chihuahua who plays an important role to save Chloe. They fall in love eventually, hehe......

"Tiny but Mighty", don't let my Tiger Chihuahua hears about it. I would prefer he stays as what he is right now, "Tiny and Timid". :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fun Time With Jimmy

My nephew, Jimmy turned 14 this year. He’s now in Form 2 secondary school. He is almost my height, but his mindset is still very childish, cute and innocent. That's what I love about his character, cuz he won't lie to me.

He stayed with us since when he was full moon. My mum babysit him until he graduated from primary school. Then he went back to his parents. I took care of him and I played with him everyday after school. He used to be a chubby and cute baby. A baby who loved to laugh a lot.

I'm happy that he's willing to spend his shool holiday at my place. He likes to watch me cooking and doing house chores. He helps me too. At home when he is alone, he cooks simple dishes for himself before he goes to school when my sister is away. He knows to fry egg, stir fry vegetables, fry rice, and noodle. Besides, he takes good care of his things . From what I look at him, he is quite independent.

We brought him to Chow Tian Yang, the aquarium and pet shop. He enjoyed the trip. He loves to watch the puppies, kittens, parrots, fishes, aquarium design, etc. We spend some time watching those puppies when they were having the grooming session. Shih Tzu is the most obedient dog from what we observed. Then we walked past the Fish Spa section. Jimmy took a voucher and read through it. Then he explained to me in detail. :)

After we bought 8 Guppies, 4 male and female each, then we headed for our dinner. I could see Jimmy enjoyed the day.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Jimmy's School Holiday

The school holiday starts. Although it is just a short break for one week, but my nephew Jimmy anticipates for his holiday since a month ago. I invited him for a stay at my house. Of course, I promised to let him play PSP, to watch HD cartoon DVDs, and to play with Tiger. I'll bring him jalan-jalan and makan-makan as well. He's super excited. Finally, the holiday is came. :)

How old is this little boy? Can you guess?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm Back!

Hey, I'm back! I've been so busy cleaning up the house. After 3 weeks, finally the renovation is completed. Phew...

It's really a tough job to renovate the house. The contractor progressed the project phase by phase. So systematic ya. First they started with extracting, and building up the walls. This followed by putting up the tiles, installing the grills, changing the doors, and finally painting the whole house. Some minor things were fixed at the same time.

Our bedroom furniture and new TV cabinet were delivered. We've been spending our time to tidy up the house these few days. We're extremely tired. But of course, we are satisfied with the outcome. We spend money and we get what we want. So, no regret. :)