Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fell Sick

Tiger pup fell sick yesterday. "He" vomited on newspaper where we prepared as "his" toilet. Then the whole afternoon "he" looked so sick. From "his" pitiful face, we really felt "heart ache". "He" was weak and not even bother to follow us like what "he" used to act. From "his" expression, "he" conveyed the message that how suffer "he" was. "He" even moaned about "his" sickness when we carried "him". We grieved over his ilness for the whole afternoon. :(

In the evening, we left "him" alone at home as we need to go out for a while. By the time we were home, we felt relieved seeing "his" response. "He" looked much more better and he's able to manja like usual. Phew......

According to hubby, "he" is now playing happily with the fake bone. We know, "he" is fully recovered now. Yippy!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Tiger Pup Is On Youtube!

My first experience in video recording has been devoted to Tiger pup. I learn to upload the video to Youtube too. Try to focus on the very beginning of the video. "He" jumped side way! Hubby & I can't control ourselves to keep on laughing on "his" jumping action. Don't you think "he" is cute?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sweet Time At Home

While most of the people spending their holiday away from home, I'm here in our sweet home, with my dear and off course with our naughty little Tiger. :) Sounds like a happy family? LOL, hahaha...

We did the same routine activities like we did on every Sunday. We went for our weekly marketing, and house chores. I enjoyed my time preparing our home cooked meals too. Hmm... I just prepare a simple steamboat for our lunch and dinner. Once a while having steamboat at home is kind of warm. Hubby and I enjoyed our meals and chit-chat and also not forgot to watch out Tiger. "He" was there to enjoy "his" meal too.

Life is not boring with Tiger around. Even now, Tiger is resting on my lap. So coquettish hor? Want to share with you what does Tiger learn today. See...

Yes, "he" learns how to stand. Clever pup! "He" went through some painful experiences before "he" manage to stand smart.

This photo is the evidence of "his" painful learning curve. "He" fell few times, and "he" learned the lessons to balance "his" body. We gave "him" some treats as reward.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy Deepavali to All!

Yesterday, just before I left my company in my happy holiday mood, I captured a photo of the "kolam" at our company lobby. Every year just before Deepavali celebration, my Indian colleagues will gather at the lobby and make their effort to decorate the "kolam". A design is drawn on the floor and it's filled in with colourful dyed rice grains. My Indian friend told me that it is a sign of welcome and prosperity. 8 lotus caddle lights are allocated in each of the "flower pedal" as this festival is celebrated with lamps and lights, signifying the victory of good over evil and uplifting of spiritual darkness.

Happy Deepavali to all Hindu and Happy Holiday to everyone!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

How Well Do You Know Yourself?

Sometimes I feel like I'm in conflict with my inner soul. :( Am I a cat or am I a lion? Huh? I am not quite sure. I just know these two characters are antithetic. Sometimes, I may be as timid as a kitten, but occationally I'm like a wild lion. Is this call weak in "emotion" control? To further analyse myself, I got myself an aid which is a self test on 3smartcubes.

If you want to take the same test, I'll encourage you to go ahead. Bear in mind this will take you about 15 minutes time to analyse the total of 24 long questionnaires. Be patient...

After completing the test, you'll get your report, and mine as per the following:

Little Inbox, you are highly knowledgeable about your own self.

During this test you answered questions which measured how well you know your own self. Based on your scores, we could conclude that you have more than a fair share of knowledge about your own self.

You know yourself pretty well and are usually honest with yourself. You are well aware of your strengths and weaknesses and feel no shame in admitting (to yourself only, maybe) if you are wrong or have made a mistake. Introspection and self-discovery probably interest you a lot.

People who are very honest with themselves are also prone to certain shortcomings. However, some simple steps can remedy this. Would you like to know how?

I'm not satisfied with the report. The analysis is too brief (Free version). Also, I didn't proceed to the next step, cuz it's not for FREE! Well, I have to figure out what would be the remedies. :D I'm still squeezing my brain to think for an answer.

I'm still learning hard to have confidence in myself, to trust myself, and to believe in myself ......Am I confusing you?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Little Tiger's Adventure

Hubby went out for lunch yesterday noon. He left Tiger alone downstairs to play around. Hubby went to upstairs to get his wallet just before he left. When he locked the main door, Tiger was exploring the kitchen, unaware that my hubby gone out already.

Hubby came back home after about an hour's time. He searched high and low for little Tiger. Searched everywhere, but Tiger was no where to be found. Tiger is missing! Oh no! Poor hubby must be terribly worried.:( Wondering where this little Tiger gone? *Sob Sob*

Hubby was kind of hopeless. He went upstairs and………surprisingly, Tiger was there! Tiger was sitting on the floor mat waiting for hubby. Har?? *Scratching head* This little tiny thing knows how to climb up the stairs? "He" has not done this before when we are at home. We used to carry "him" up and down every time. Finally, "he" did it. "He" is so timid, how could "he" manage to climb up the stairs? We got more than 20 staircase. That is a lot to "him". "He" must be trying very hard to search for "his" master. Does this prove "he" owns the "never die" spirit?

Pity Tiger. "He" must be worried to be alone. Hubby gave "him" some snack as an encouragement. :D

Monday, October 20, 2008

Stroll Alone In The Garden

The other day when I took a stroll at my in law's garden, I noticed this spiral plant. It looked very similar to morning glory. It wound around the star fruit tree. Led by curiosity, I tried my luck if I could find out whether it bears any fruit. :)

See...What I did I get? Baby cucumbers! Lots of them. It grows from the jungle behind. Ended up, I exercised myself on plucking those tiny cucumbers. :P Just plucking for fun, I didn't consume any. I was wondering if it contains poison.

Then I spotted a little monster - a stunning bug in green. Must be "curi makan" the green leaves, I guess.

It wore such a beautiful coat. *Bling Bling* some more.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tiger's Sleeping Pose

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tiger Chihuahua

Here I would like to present to you our lovely pet - Tiger Chihuahua. He's 2 months old, which we just adopted last night from his previous owner, Sam.

Hubby just sent me this photo. I can't wait to go back and hug him. Hubby nursed him and let him rest on his work desk. I guarantee when you see it, your heart will melt like what I feel now... Oh, my Tiger pup.

Refering to his vet's appoinment card, you know what? His birthday coincidentlly fall on the same day as mine which is on 15th Aug. This is so called predestined affinity. Do you agree?

Although he's small, but he understands some simple language and very well behaved. When we call his name, he will wag his hairy tail. When we wave at him and say "Tiger, come on!", it will straight away run to us. :) When we ask him to sit, it will follow our instruction. Now, he follows us everywhere we go within our house compound. Next, hubby will need to "toilet-train" him.

Don't you think he is adorable? :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Our "2-Days" Pet

On last Friday, I was on 2nd half due to company shutdown for annual dinner. Hubby and I went to my parents place for lunch. When we reached there, we saw this. A female dog was nursing her 3 little puppies. I can't stopped myself but to go near to capture a photo. I was attracted by the little puppies. They are so cute! All of them lying side by side sucking their mummy's milk. According to my parents, these 3 babies were born during Raya. They hide in the hole connected to the drain. Pity to them especially during those raining days. Sob, sob.

I talked to hubby if he agreed to adopt one of the mini puppy. He nodded with no objection. After the mummy dog moved away to rest under a car, hubby managed to grab one of the puppy and brought it back to my parents house. We played with the puppy. Mum passed to me a shoes box to hold the puppy back to my home. The puppy cried for its mummy through out the process, and the mummy dog came and searched for her baby. We got into our car as fast as we can, and drove off. Pity the puppy, it cried non stop until it fell a sleep.

See our pet, Mimi? Oh yea, it's a female. We let her rest in a basket.

I was a bit skeptical when comes to taking care of a puppy. Isn't she cute? Look at her plump body? I can't control myself to keep touching it, "loading" my love to her.

She asleeps most of the time.

Our immediate task was to wash her thoroughly as she was living in the drain for some time now. I boiled some hot water and my hubby washed her with some warm water and body shampoo. After that, we brought her back to my FIL house in SP for our weekly visit.

We bought a bottle of puppy milk together with a milk bottle to feed her. At first she sucked and munched for the milk but after a few tries she stopped and start whining again. I guess she wants her mummy's milk. Then, she got tired and fell asleep again.

At night, when we were about to sleep, she suddenly sat up and gave a little cry. We thought maybe she wants to get out from her basket so we took her up and put her on the floor. Then, we realize she wants to pee! She didn't want to soil her bed that's why making noise to get out of her basket.

Afterwards, we all went to sleep...until 4am in the morning, she suddenly cries again. Pee again? Yes, we were right, she wants to pee, that's why waking us up.

The next morning, we tried feeding her milk again but she doesn't want...I even force her to drink but the stubborn puppy just don't want "fake" milk. She wants her mummy's!

We also realized she starts shedding hair, and a bit unnatural too as the shedding was quite a lot. Hubby thought that probably is because of the washing we did to her previously, and maybe she is too young feed using bottles....

The next day, we came back to Penang and went to my parent's place after our weekly marketing. We brought her there too. When we reached my parent's house the little puppy started yapping, and the mother dog, which was around the corner, rushed to the gate and started barking and banging on the gate, wanting to get her baby back! And the mummy dog is accompanied by a few male dogs and they also started to bang on the gate too.

So we thought maybe we should let the Mimi to her mum as she doesn't want to drink anything other than her mummy's milk. Slowly we let her out of the gate and immediately she cried and looked for her mum's nipples. The mummy dog laid down and Mimi sucks ferociously like there is no tomorrow. She must be so hungry after all these while.

Today, when I went to my mum's place for lunch, my mum said all the 3 puppies were taken by an Indian couple, followed by the mummy dog. Hmmmm....there goes my little Mimi~ I miss her now. I thought I could still see her by the roadside but she is gone now...I hope she will grow up well together with her siblings.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Safeguard Your Health!

Last Saturday, FIL was invited for a visit to a friend's organic farm at Jitra. He bought us some organic vegies. :-) Let's see what we got: Osyter mushroom, Enoki mushroom, lady's fingers, water convolvulus (kangkung) and a bottle of Ganoderma Lucilium 灵芝 tablets.

Nowadays eating fresh vegies is no longer safe. Most vegies contain a high amount of pesticides and residues from the use of chemicals. And now there's news reported about melamine was found is vegies imported from China. Does it sound scary? A friend of my brother who is the owner of a farm confirmed that pesticide is not avoidable to ensure a healthy growth of the plants. Indirectly, I interprete his words as "with the usage of pesticide, his income will be increased". An important piece of info: French beans contain the highest pesticide. My brother always emphasise this. Whenever he's around, we'll never get a chance to taste a single French bean.

On and off, hubby and I take an option to go for those vegies that are believe to have less or no pesticides like sweet potato leaves and watercress. I'll take another step to soak the vegies in a big pot of water with little bit of dilluted Amway dish drops added. Just soak for 1 to 2 minutes and rinse well. The third option, which is to follow the trend now - to go for organic vegies. I have another last option, which is to prevent dining out too frequently. Hehe, I don't believe the vegies served at hawker stalls or fine dining restaurant are properly washed and soaked. I trust home cooked meals more than anything else. Just dine out once a while occasionally during those lazy days. Opsss....does it sound like excuses?

Ok, we admit we are both "kiasi" human beings.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Hectic Day

Phew... Finally I got a chance sitting down in front of my lovely blog and enjoying some cherry tomatoes for my snack. :) Life is hectic today. After Raya break for almost 5 days, I feel more refreshing and energetic.

First thing in the morning was to check e-mails. More than 100 emails were sitting in my inbox All of them were "waving" at me for help! Cuz only I managed to release them. Sigh...Customer feedback are never ending. However, I do have minority of counterparts in US who helped me through my hard time. Don is one of them. Again, he send me another long long email. He guides me to understand the certificate regulatory issues that we currently facing. Also, he tells me how his life in Colorado Springs. The weather and what activities that he currently have. :) A nice American guy.

Lunch is always very rush. Mom and dad usually wait for me for their home cooked meal. We always chit-chat while enjoying our lunch. They told me some of the happenings and I share some of mine. Sometimes, my eldest sister will join us if she managed to squeeze in with her schedule.

This afternoon session was like never ending fire-fighting. Fight like there is no tomorrow. I'm wondering when this kind of life is going to transform into more peaceful working life, huh?! When it reaches 5pm, I still have some important emails and reports that I've yet to complete. Customer's email must be replied within 24 hours, so no choice but to put it as first priority. Reports?? Wait till tomorrow la...

Evening is always busy too. Got to cook dinner on my own. Dinner is the only meal I have with hubby through out the weekdays. Gotta enjoy it. This will normally followed by a series of cleaning task. Cleaning up the dishes, washing up those dirty clothes, ironing,.......

Am I sound like a super woman? :D

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What's Inside My Bag?

While everybody is away enjoying their holiday, I'm here sitting in front of my notebook. I need to complete my task to blog about the above topic. I was tagged by 3 bloggers on this same topic. Thanks to Kadus Mama, Christy and Daphne for tagging me. :D At lease I won't be totally off from blogging during this Raya festival.

Okay, here's what I need to do :

1. Find a safe quiet place free of significant other, nosey meme makers, priests, nuns, all things religious and men in general.

2.Dump the contents of my handbag in a pile.

3.Take a photo of my handbag and the contents.

4.Be brave and explain to your fellow bloggers what lurks inside the handbag.

5.Answer questions.

6.Tag others who might want to embarrass themselves.

Here's my answers, tada.....

Step 1 & Step 2:
My home is always quite at any corner, so I did this in my room.

Step 3:
Here, I would like to present to you the photo of my handbag and the contents.

Step 4:
About the junks inside my handbag.

~My Versace Purse. Hubby bought this for my birthday present. There are few credit cards (which I seldom use), ATM cards, $$$$, name card, clinic card, IC, driving license, and some receipts.

~My coin purse with key chain. This is also a gift from hubby during his business trip.

~My Nokia N82 phone. This is from hubby too. He gave this N82 to me when he received his i-phone as a gift.

~My thumb drive. It is an abandoned thumb drive from hubby. I recycle his. Pity or not? I have lots of e-books saved inside it.

~ A packet of tissue.

~ House keys with a nice stainless steel Korean key chain (from one of the supplier)

~ Lip ice

~ Silky Girl lip stick

~ Pen and note pad ( free gift from Steven Covey's The 8th Habit)

~ A red packet from my mom for my birthday. It's my precious gift which is still perfectly keep in my handbag.

~ A feng shui medal which hubby bought from Lilian Too's WOF store in Queensbay Mall.

Step 5: Answer questions

What's the most important thing in your handbag?
~ Of course my purse. All the important things are kept inside it.

What's the most embarrassing thing in your handbag?
~ Nolar, got meh?

What's the smallest thing in your handbag?
~ Thumb drive

Is there anything illegal in your handbag?
~ Of course no lah!

Step 6:

Hohohohohoho.....It's time to "pat pat" a bit. I want to know what are the things inside their bag. :D

I wanna pass this tag to:
Ninie Jane, you've tagged me few times, now is my turn to tag you back.
New Kid On The Blog, eh?? If I remember correctly, you haven't done with the previous tag le...
Mummy In Vains
, I know u have lots of nice branded handbag
Liang Mui, although you are now in Cameron Highlands, still not able to escape, wakakaka....

Have fun!