Thursday, September 24, 2009

How Did You Spend Your Holidays?

I just back to work today. The 5-days long holiday just over. I'm sure most of you spend your very good time over the Raya festival. You would either go for an enjoyable trip, good shopping time to grab some promotion item, or relaxing at home with loves one. I really really jealous you all.

Last Saturday and Sunday was good to us. At least to complete all the necessary task. But, the nightmare started on Monday evening. Both hubby and I fell sick after our afternoon tea. He had diarrhea and I vomited. I suspect the food that we took for the afternoon tea was not clean. So, we got the food poisoning. That's the risk for dining out.

Late at night he started to run to toilet. I have no symptom until I went to bed. I had stomach pain like gastric feeling. I ignored it and went to sleep. In the midnight, I woke up when I felt the terrible stomach upset. I ran to toilet straight away to throw up. Arghhh......I really hate vomiting. It was so disgusting.

We felt so sick. We lose our appetite and we run out of energy. We spend most of the time to sleep. That's the way to spend our holiday. :(

Support Yvonne Foong

Yvonne Foong, a courage girl that is currently fighting for Neurofibromatosis. She's been through 4 surgeries, and she'll undergo Trigone Meningioma surgery this coming December. The surgery will take about RM154,704.42, and up to date the fund raised is RM75,602.11. She still needs about RM80k. To support her on the fund raising, please drop by here before the dateline on 23rd Nov 2009. Contribute your support to her!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Memorable Night With Him

Last Thursday was my dear's birthday. We spent a memorable night together. Usually I don't give him any birthday present, but this year I surprised him with a precious gift. It's not a romantic thingy, but a more useful thing for his daily life. :)

In addition, instead of dining out for birthday dinner as usual, I made him a home cooked dinner. I baked a meat crust pizza for him for the first time, and I'm glad he loved it very much. He said the pizza is so much tastier than the dough pizza. :) Yes, success on the first attempt! I was worrying so much that I might not able to bake a nice pizza. I'm so glad that eventually it turned out to be so great. He finished up 3/4 of the pizza, haha......It's kind of a pleasure to see your other half gobbled up the meal that you prepared with love.

Dear, I hope you enjoyed the night together.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Goodbye Tiger!

Thanks to all the friends that leave some comfort words in my previous post.

It's been a week since we last seen Tiger. We miss him a lot. It's a really hard decision for us to do so. We can no longer handle him. He changed a lot. He's now like to bark at us and even bite us. He's so wild at times. Don't be fool by his "angel" face, his attitude is just the opposite, like a "devil". Since a month ago, he ignored the wee wee pad train that hubby taught him since young. He started to pee everywhere in our house. He is marking his territory.

We considered the new owner is qualified to keep him since she has a 6 year old female chihuahua at home. Unlike Tiger, her female chihuahua is very well behave. We hope that the old female chihuahua will train Tiger as her own puppy. The lady takes care of it since 2 years ago when it was abandoned by a breeder. So, that added points to the lady as a good candidate to keep Tiger. She's kind, and she's a dog lover.

We packed all his belongings last Friday night and delivered him to Ipoh early morning on last Saturday. He didn't refuse to be carried by the lady. He was well behaved. The lady kissed him and praise him cute some more, fainted! She took a couples of photos of Tiger, which she's going to upload to her blog. We told the lady he's very naughty. Deep inside us, we were worried about the war that is nearly to begin......

I can't control my tears. I'm so sad to let him go. Felt so sorry to him. Anyway, I wish it's another good beginning for his life. He still has long way to go. Tiger, be a good boy, ok?