Thursday, September 24, 2009

How Did You Spend Your Holidays?

I just back to work today. The 5-days long holiday just over. I'm sure most of you spend your very good time over the Raya festival. You would either go for an enjoyable trip, good shopping time to grab some promotion item, or relaxing at home with loves one. I really really jealous you all.

Last Saturday and Sunday was good to us. At least to complete all the necessary task. But, the nightmare started on Monday evening. Both hubby and I fell sick after our afternoon tea. He had diarrhea and I vomited. I suspect the food that we took for the afternoon tea was not clean. So, we got the food poisoning. That's the risk for dining out.

Late at night he started to run to toilet. I have no symptom until I went to bed. I had stomach pain like gastric feeling. I ignored it and went to sleep. In the midnight, I woke up when I felt the terrible stomach upset. I ran to toilet straight away to throw up. Arghhh......I really hate vomiting. It was so disgusting.

We felt so sick. We lose our appetite and we run out of energy. We spend most of the time to sleep. That's the way to spend our holiday. :(


reanaclaire said...

hi.. greetings from IPOH.. came by here via Kadus Mama's blog to read yr unfortunate day u had vomiting and diahroea... yes, i also dont like to vomit.. no control .. urgh..

nana said...

you guys are fine now right? at least you spent your holidays sleeping and resting..i spent my holidays studying..haha..


Last time i oso kena food poisoning - Really a bad experience!! Understand your pain...My brother advised to take some ORS (Oral rehydration salt) - can be bought from Pharmachy

wenn said... sorry to hear that..take care..

Wai Wai said...

Aiyoh poor couple.....please banned the "tea food" ya!

imelda said...

hi guys, i set up a donation button in my site for the typhoon victims in the philippines, pls donate any amount so we can buy mats, blankets and food


Happy mid-autumn festival to you & your family & loved ones :-D