Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year 2009~~

Just started working yesterday and now going to have holiday again! Company just announce shut down this Friday so I'll have a long weekend ahead. Happy new year everybody!
╭┴──┤HAPPY ├╮
│o o│牛YEAR │●°
╰┬──╯ │ ∴°﹒
☆ | / /∴☆

Hubby and I plan to go for seafood dinner tonight :) I want big crabs and prawns, I wan I wan :P

Monday, December 29, 2008

House Make Over?

Photos courtesy from

We visited my eldest sister's house in Butterworth on the 2nd day of Christmas. Yes, if you follow my blog all this while you'll know my eldest sister & I have a very big gap on our age and she is also my 婶婶. Her family just moved into a new house. She spends a lot on the house renovation. I really like her house design. The interior design is much more modern than my house in Penang island. Although we have the similar type of house, but renovation makes a huge difference.

I guess my sister spends at least RM80k on the renovation. The plaster ceiling, the galvanized auto gate, the beautiful grand lighting, new furniture, and the super deluxe kitchen. Wow! Really envy. Of course money is the main factor. 4 years back when hubby & I moved into our current house, we spend just very little on the renovation. We are fortunate to have FIL paid off the house. We just add the skirting to down stair flooring, get the house painted, and our bedroom furniture. The rest are all dedicated by FIL. He bought us the sofa, the dining table, the kitchen cabinet, the fridge and the guest rooms' furniture. My parents dedicated some electrical products, and MIL bought me some cooking utensils. Hubby & I just started working at that time, so we were really tight in cash. Sounds so pity hor? :( Only a year later we spent about RM10k to building up the gate and the tiling the car porch.

After we visited our sister's new home, discussed with FIL that we wanted the house opposite to ours (we shared to bought it over recently). It would be easier for us to renovate an empty house rather than our current occupy house. Basically there's no objection from FIL. It's up to our decision. But after thinking of the renovation cost that would incure, we are kind of giving up. We doubt we have the capability with the limited cash we have. If we will to move over to that house, we will have to renovate the car porch, the gate, the kitchen, the upstair's grill, some furniture and electical products...So many things. How can we afford it?

So, hubby and I sitting down to make some calculations, we are now thinking of just to upgrade our current house. I still have the very basic kitchen till now. The space is big, but I have limited place to prepare my meal. Sigh...I think it's time for us to make over the kitchen. I don't think I need the super expensive granite table top for the kitchen like my sis's, just the normal tiles will do. We really have to minimize the cost. Besides, I want to make over my master bedroom's bathroom and also get the empty space at the back build up become laundry area. Also, I want a better quality main door. Our current door looks terribly old and ugly.

Which plan sounds more reasonable? I'll get advice from my parents. :)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Pet Adopted on Christmas Eve

On X'mas eve, my nephew called me up and asked if I still keep the milk bottle of Tiger. He said he just adopted a one month plus puppy. *Wink wink :) I love dogs, so I started to be a "busy body". Thinking of bringing my Tiger over there to meet the new puppy.

Immediately, I packed the things, grabbed my camera and went over to my brother's shop with hubby. I wanted to meet the puppy as soon as possible, as I can't stop imagine how's the puppy looked like. Hehe......I love puppies!

See, there it was there lying lazily on the table. It just finished licking some fresh milk, and looked so sleepy. Aha, like Tiger, it's a male dog. It's a mixed breed of Rottweiler and a mutt. It has big bone and chubbby body. I estimated the weight at about 3 kilos, cuz I used to carry my 4-months old Tiger who is merely 1 kilo. Wow, that's the different between small and large breed.

I didn't bring along Tiger this round. I just wonder how will Tiger act when "he" meet up this big puppy. My nephew hasn't give it a name yet. I "sms" him suggested to call it Rocky. Decision is on him.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Dear my friends and readers, I would like to wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! May the new year bring us lots of good happenings! :)

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way...wish all of us have a healthy and pleasant 2009!
New year is approaching, any one of you plan anything for the upcoming year yet?
Hubby and I went shopping these days for new Parkson Sungai Petani, Gurney Plaza, Queensbay year, new dress a must, hehehe..
My sister is moving into her new house tomorrow, so I'll be visiting her new home this Friday.
Stay tuned... and once again Merry X'mas and Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Busy Friday

Last Friday was really a busy day for me. Once I reached the office, my lady boss approached me immediately. I was late for 15 minutes, hehe she must be in a hurry looking for me. Know what? She instructed me that I don't need to do any single job on that day, from 8.00am to 5pm. Hah? What happened?! Phew...luckily it was not a bad news to me. I was told to learn other products from the other Senior Engineer. His name was in the VSS list, but he didn't submit his application form even though he was called to HR Director's office. So, my boss need to back up a contingency plan in case he'll be asked to leave the company on 22nd Dec, which is tomorrow.

My boss already told me before this on her re-org plan. Basically I know I'll need to take up additional 2 to 3 products after this VSS. This is pre-planned, to make my time fully occupied. I guess it's not only me, but the whole company will be restructured in order to continue the operations.

Learning to compile the weekly and monthly reports itself already took me few hours. Then I started to practice on the data retrieval. There are roughly 8 reports required to send to customers. I have not learnt the manufacturing process yet, so I just jot down the queries in the Access database and get myself familiar on the data compilation process. If not hands on, very soon, I'll forget all the steps. :(

I foresee tomorrow will be another sad day. We'll be seeing a lots of colleagues leaving the company. Some of them hold heavy commitments. After the retrenchment, they will have even bigger burden to bear. I just hope they will able to go through the difficulties, and be strong.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The VSS Updates

Photo adapted from

Over the week the VSS is open for all. Today 5pm is the deadline. VSS is supposed to be Voluntary Separation Scheme. However, the fact is always the other way round. Department heads already got their respective name list upon the announcement. Yes, sounds cruel indeed, but this is the actual practice especially during this recession period. The management is forced to sacrifice some of the head counts in order to save the company. Otherwise the whole organization will be in ruin. So, in other words, VSS means retrenchment.

To be honest, the VSS response is pretty bad. All the employees are concerned over the compensation rate and also the future work opportunity. Looking at the condition, management started taking actions since last Friday. Those shortlisted were called to their Director's office for discussion. They are "encouraged" to apply for the VSS. Ok, I use "encourage" so that it sounds respectful rather than "forced". Of course, some are extremely sad, They have been contributing for this company over the 10 years, but this is the result they get. Sigh… :(

How do I feel after observing all these? I'm very sad indeed. I've been having migrain for these 2 days thinking all about this. I got to lie down and relax for about 30 minutes once I reach home before I can do anything. Although I'm safe this round, but who knows few months down the road, there'll be another VSS? Factory working life is very dangerous at this moment. Thank God! We'll still get our contractual bonus on 18th Dec. This is the only good news to us!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Uber Amazing Award

Thanks to Something About Us for this award. :)

Here are the rules:

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Uber (synonym to Super) Amazing Blog Award is a blog award given to sites who: inspires you, makes you smile and laugh, or maybe gives amazing information, a great read, has an amazing design, and any other reasons you can think of that makes them uber amazing!The rules of this award are: Put the logo on your blog or post, nominate at least 5 blogs (can be more) that for you are Uber Amazing, let them know that they have received this Uber Amazing award by commenting on their blog, share the love and link to this post and to the person you received your award from.

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Hmm...let me share this award with:

1. Kadus Mama
2. Nana
3. New Kid On The Blog
4. Liang Mui
5. Wai Wai

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Forgetful Him & Me

This Nokia USB cable was the culprit that caused us to search for high and low. I need the cable to download some photos for my Nokia N82. Sigh...

I told hubby that I put the cable on the study room's table, but he failed to find it. Then I searched in my office's drawer, still couldn't manage to find it. So frustrated! I told hubby that it must be him who cleaned the table and misplaced the cable, but he denied. He searched among the free gifts, but the cable was not there. He argued that it must be me who left the cable in the office and someone steal it. So, again, I felt angry and warned him better get me a new one. I know, my hot temper is my flaw, but still I can't control myself from getting angry when I'm in trouble. My blood maintained at the boiling point. Arghhhh........

Last night, I gave myself the very last chance to figure out where the cable is. You know what? I used less that 3 minutes to find it out from the bunch of free gifts! Of course he kept quiet la, and I continued to bla bla bla.......Everytime ask you to find something sure cannot find one la, bla bla bla.......

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

No Mood

This morning I got a very nice email from my lady boss, praising me in front of Director. The mail mentioned that I did a very good job on yesterday's third party audit. So, oklah, I was happily went off to join the team on a US conference call. So sweet, I felt so happy as boss appreciate my hard work. Normal, right? But now, my mood shrunk after the GM's announcement on VSS. My mood swings like a roller coaster. Ups and downs just in few hours time.

Most of us have the same question in our mind. "Will it be me?" All of us start calculating the amount. Not really an attractive figure. :( Formula is fixed. We really can't do much. Whatever will come, it will still happen.

I believe "if there's a will, there's always a way". So, I won't die in hunger as long as I'm willing to work. If I can't work here anymore, I'll need to work elsewhere. Perhaps, it's a good time for me to explore a new path for myself. Who knows?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Simple Netbook ~ Acer Aspire One

Asus Eee PC 900

If you read from here, you'll know hubby sold off my old notebook Compaq Presario V3000 and got me a new "netbook" Asus Eee PC 900. Well, I didn't try it out until I read his product review. So, last Thursday night, I gave it a try to surf net (to check the speed), blogging (to practise typing using the keypad) and also to perform some simple tasks like downloading photos & editing photos. Well, I was quite disappointed with the performance. The speed is terribly as slow as a tortoise. Just wonder why Asus comes out with this lousy "netbook" but still get its pretty good response in Taiwan market.

I was in anger why hubby bought this lousy netbook for me. In fact my old laptop is much more better than this. I throw him the mission to do whatever he could to get me either one laptop or an upgraded "netbook". If not, I'll just grab over his current laptop Acer Aspire 2920. Sense how angry I was?

The next day, hubby went to the PC fair at PISA and pay the retailer a visit. The retail manager verified the purchase item vs the receipt, and confirmed the item hubby got was in fact another model (older one). How dare the sales person simply provide a model while Acer Eee PC 900 was out of stock? This is not fair to customer, right? However, hubby acted smart in the PC fair. He grabbed the opportunity to negotiate with the manager to exchange another model, by using some tactics like teasing some other customers not to buy the wrong model. So, he succeeded! Kudos to my dear! He came back with Acer Aspire One. Hurray! Besides, the manager gave hubby roughly 8 items as FREE gifts, hmm... to shut up hubby's mouth kua... haha... At least he acknowledge his staff made the mistake. Okay, not bad, at least we got 8GB thumb drive x2, laptop locker x2, ear phone x2, laptop cooling pad, screen protector and LCD cleaning set. What a fruitful purchase!

Acer Aspire One

Compared to Eee PC 900, this is a more powerful model. Of course the speed is faster. Lesson learn: As a customer, we got to feedback in case you find anything wrong with the product. Or else, you'll just get the unnecessary inconveniences as long as the item purchased is being used.

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Killing Process

Moomookun and I have been chatting through IM over the past 2 weeks. We shared whatever info we got regarding the future of the company. Also, we have been watching full-length drama from the management. The story is damn slow and boring.

Just imagine, 2 persons in a same company but different division have been so free for few weeks without any important task to do. I'm sure the rest are also quite free for the time being. Everybody has been under very low morale to work. We have been waiting for the announcement. The fastest the better. Dragging will not solve the problem. It'll just wasting time and money. Whatever decision it will be, I'm going to take it.

The waiting process is killing me. Sigh...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What Kind Of Soup Are You?

I'm the Chicken Noodle Soup, haha...

Ok, I just hopped back from Blogthings, and took the soup test. Visit here if you find it's interesting.

"You are a traditional and conservative person. You value the past, and change frightens you.

You are very loyal, especially to your family. You prefer a low-key life, with lots of time spent at home.

You like soup because it's easy, quick, and cheap. You tend to have a favorite soup you stick to. Why change a good thing? "

I like cooking, including boiling soup for hours. :) That's the point this test captured my attention. Hmm...overall, the result is quite accurate. I'm kind of conservative and loyal person. I prefer to stay at home rather than going out. Quite passive hor? Also, I'm the timid type of person, afraid of changes. However, I manage to overcome most of the changes. I change myself to fit for different situation. Like now, not much job to do at work, so I tuned myself to be able work and blog at the same time, haha....ok, just kidding!

Back to the topic of "soup". I used to cook several types of soup like black bean soup, ABC soup, lotus root soup, watercress soup, the mixed soup, chicken soup, peanut soup, herba soup, mushroom soup, vegetarian soup, vegetable with fish balls soup, bla bla bla....And I stick to the list all these while, cuz I found that they are easy to cook, and yet nutritious to take. :)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Colorful Apples

Time flies...Now reach the end of year 2008. December, a month full of Christmast events. Everybody's is in holiday mood. Everything looks so colorful. Even the apples. Since we are small, we are taught on red and green apple. There's nothing special about these, but what about yellow apple? Yellow apple sounds unique to me. I never know there are yellow apple in this world until I spotted some in a hypermarket last week.

All of these apples are imported from US. The red and green apples origin from US, while the yellow apples origin from France. But now all these apples are brought to cultivate in the same farm in US. I googled from the net and found several types of yellow apple recipes. It can be eaten raw, widely used in several types of cold and hot dishes.

Not only love is colorful, but now apples also become colorful. :)

Friday, November 28, 2008

No Outside Food Is Allowed!

"Please be informed that all employees are NOT ALLOWED to bring their own prepared food and off-site pre-packed food into the cafeteria effective from 1st Dec 2008 ( Mon ) .

This is to re-enforce the earlier mail that we have sent out earlier. We are very concern about the previous packed food from outside that caused food poisoning to our employees. Our cafeteria committee members will work closely with the in-house caterer to provide a great variety of "Halal" food to meet the employees’ needs.

The company shall take stern action against employee(s) who violates the above rule."

Eventually, my practice to have breakfast at home & lunch at my mom's place save me from getting into troubles! Since primary school, I used to have light breakfast on weekdays. Before going to work, I'll have either Milo/Coffee with bread/biscuits or oat/Nestum in milk or cereals in milk. That's it. Simple and easy. For my lunch, I dine in at my parents place since I started to work at Bayan Lepas FTZ. Mom's home-cooked food is always the best choice.

But for those who used to bring their own prepared food or "ta pao" food, they will be affected. Just recently, our canteen food is catered by a nasi kandar cafe. You can imagine the canteen serve curries with coconut milk and those deep-fried fish, chicken and squid. All the food are heatty and high cholesterol which is bad for health. I'm thinking should the company subsidize blood screening test to all the employees?

Next, if all the exempt staffs go out for lunch, will the company draft another new rules that everybody shall stay in the factory for lunch? Oh no! That will be too bad!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Slow Working Week

This work week has been crawling terribly slow. It's a long working week. Everything seems so quiet. Bad news have not been announced. Most of the directors, including our MD are away. Some went for vacation. I doubt if vacation is just an excuse to prevent any "hoo hoo haa haa" among the employees?

Coincidently, my major customers in US are enjoying their Thanks Giving holiday for one week. So, I receive very less email each day that required my action. Time is passing too slow, and I'm here keep on yawning. Oh, this kind of feeling is going to kill me. Low motivation, no job and so bored and so sleepy. :(

I keep on surfing net, visiting other's blogs, and now I'm writing my post. I know I'm not suppose to do so. Company pay me to do my work. I know all this! But I really don't have much job mah. Sigh...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Superior Scribbler Award

Thanks to Kadus Mama & Ling for passing me this award.

The rules are :

So the rules every Superior Scribbler will name 5 other Super Scribblers. If you are named you must link to the author & the name of the blog that gave you the award. Then you must display the adorable award and link to this post, which explains The Award. Finally you must visit this post and tell your name to Mr. Linky List. Then they will have a record of all the people who are Super Scribblers!

Ok, I would like to pass this award to

1. New Kid On The Blog
2. Liang Mui
3. Elaine WaiWai
4. Nana
5. Ninie Jane

Monday, November 24, 2008

What To Do?

Working in private sector is very unsecured, especially for those couple who work in the same sector. Or even worst, both husband and wife who work in the same company!

Everybody got to be prepared during this recession period. 10 years back, I was still a student, no worries. But now? I started to feel the pain. What if this going to be a prolonged recession, and follow by depression? My biggest fear is the possibility of losing my current job. I don't mind if company change their strategy to operate 4 days/week or planned shut down. At least this is much more better than retrenchment, isn't it?

I will lose my income if I become unemployed. Of course I believe hubby will still able to support me passing through the difficulties, but how long can I survive happily as a dependent? Can I sleep peacefully at night? What to do? And what can I do? How long will I take to get a new job? Huh?? :(

Hubby and I pulled back our spending in order to boost our emergency fund. We've stopped unnecessary spending on gaming, dine out and entertainment. We even gathered all our unused PS2, PSP, Nintendo game boy, laptop, desktop computer for sale. Surprisingly, tons of responses were received, and all were sold within a day. :)

Best still, we are fortunate for not holding any house loan debt. The only thing we must follow strictly is to control ourselves not eating out in expensive restaurants as frequent like we previously did. I'm trying my best to cook even over the weekends. Bear in mind, cheap and fresh food can be very nutritious if cooked in a proper way. Understanding the 7 essential nutrients which is required by our body and learn up of each benefit we gain through our daily food intake is a kind of useful knowledge. That's what I'm picking up now. :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tiger Scared Of....

Last Wednesday we brought Tiger for his 2nd vaccination. When we reached at the clinic, Tiger started shivering. Hmm...did he know he will get injected? Poor little pup, LOL.

When Tiger met up with the other 2 giant Poodles, he looked for places to hide. That's our timid Tiger! :) After he completed with the 3rd vaccination, we shall bring him out to socialize.

Tiger's weight rises from 560gm to 820gm within one month. With this weight at 3 months old, we foresee he'll grow up to maximum 2 kilos. I like tiny dog, so I wish he'll not grow that much, hehehe...

Ok, we're the "first time parents" who brought our Tiger attending a Vet appointment. I was nervous too. We requested for more complete vaccination for "him". The vet facilitate a series of examination on him. He lied on table quietly with the vet assistant's help. His eyes, ears, body temperature, and "poo poo" was examined. Everything is normal, phew...... This clever pup observed whatever actions taken by the Vet. He stayed calm until tada......the injection was given. He screamed and cried. Oh, sayang......

Our Tiger will have another nightmare later. Hubby will bring him to see the same Vet again due excessive shedding.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Accident 2X

When my hubby and I were travelling back to SP last Friday, it was rainy and the road was slippery. We normally travel back at night after dinner, so last Friday was no different. Hubby drove our Myvi 1.0 SR 1000cc manual :P back to SP every week, partly because the fuel consumption is lower. As such, our car will only travel comfortably around 90km/h, anything higher will put a strain on the engine.

While we were on the highway, hubby saw a motorcycle moving uncontrollably on the left of the road. The motorcycle is actually very much far towards the left so I didn't noticed it at all. Suddenly the motorcycle crashed to the floor and swirled rapidly to the right, dragging a trail of spark and stopping right in front of our moving car. Panic flashed across my mind and I was thinking that we sure going to hit the motorcycle.

Amazingly hubby took a quick look at the side mirror for cars at the back, hit the brake, and turn the steering wheel to the right and then left again. As you know the floor was wet and slippery, I felt that our car was moving like ice skating on the highway, and within a second we have avoided the motorcycle and everything was behind us. Both of us were shocked and didn't have time to recover until minutes later. We realised how lucky we are to avoid the accident.

Then why is Accident 2X? Well, ironically when we travel back to penang the same weekend, another accident happened. This time, a pack of goats came out from nowhere and crossed the road. This happens after toll plaza and we were travelling on a single lane road joining to the double lane highway. At first a few goats crossed the road and we slowed down our car but not stopping as there is another car at the back. After we saw the road's clear, we proceeded... suddenly another goat jumped out from the bushes and was immediately hit by our Myvi. Oh no...Anyway, this can't be helped. Do they need to put up a sign that goat crossing the highway?

After that hubby inspected the damages and luckily, no dents or scratches, just slight dislocate bumper(easily fixed using hands) and a missing bumper screw.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tiger Dominates

Although Tiger is now below 3 months old, but he learns how to hump. Watch out the video and you'll believe me. Enjoy!

Did you see Tiger is humping? Oh boy, do I need to find him a girl friend? Hubby searched the net and found that the behaviour is to show its dominance. We have to discipline Tiger so that he won't do that everyday.

I have a colleague with female Chihuahua that likes to hump every day too...he said should have taught her not to do that when she is younger.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Important Info Regarding Diamond Water Filter

Diamond water filter user, please take note of this piece of info. The news reported that water filtered by Diamond water filter contain some sort of chemical which exceeded the limit. Consumer may face kidney problem.

Personally, I prefer to use simple and cost effective water filter like Panasonic. My aim is to filter chlorine and the bigger molecule dirts. The mineral content must be untouched as it plays an important role in our body. Nobody can grow healthy with just distilled water. Bear in mind, our body itself already borne with natural immune system to keep it healthy. Some unproven advanced technology may ruin one's body instead.

Do you have a Diamond water filter?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Woke Up Late

This morning I woke up late. I suppose to wake up at 6.10 am on weekdays as I start work on 7.30 am. Who knows, again, I'm so "dai tau har" (forgetful). I used to set the alarm to 7.30 am over the weekend, but somehow I forgot to shift it back to 6.10 am. :(

In our body, all the cells are going through metabolism, except brain cells, heart cells and nerve cells. That's why brain, heart and nerve function will degenerate when we grow older. So, is my forgetfulness a phenomenon of aging? Sob sob :(

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Blog Make Over

When I first started with my blog with Blogger, this is how my blog looks. I did not do any changes on the template, except for the header graphic.

Then after while, when hubby picked up some foundation on html stuff, he did some minor changes to the original template on the header, background color, and also added a logo. There was no modification done on the layout.

And now, he polishes some of the skills, so I posted another new request to him. I wanted to have a make over for my blogs. I want to have more attractive widget zones to be displayed at the side bar, so he modified the script from another free Blogger template. And tada...the make over is done. Also, I searched for a free header. Err...I quite satisfied with this new look.

Now we have the same template for Love Is Colorful, Makan King & Queen and Little Inbox. But they look different with their own header design.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tiger's Magic Power

Tiger was sleeping on the floor with his head lying on my foot. I went off from my seat and he woke up from sleeping. He made very cute voice like asking where I wanted to go. Oh, so charming. His magic power enlightened my mood immediately. :D

When I went downstair, he also followed. :) Now he knows how to walk quietly. Just one moment ago he was beside my leg, and now he goes off to play his toy duck already. :P Quek Quek Quek...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cherish A Memory

Since I was a teenager, I dreamed for my future ideal wedding. :) I think most of young chicks also imagine the same thing in their mind at times. Don't you?

I prefer classic and elegant wedding gown. I had the one similar to the photo above. Simple cutting, simple design, and simply white in color.

We had the most traditional and formal wedding, but it was a memorable wedding. Lots of friends and relatives presented in my wedding. Lots of closed "sisters" formed a team to "played" my hubby and his "brothers". Luckily he got lots of support from his "brothers". They got to pass through all the "games" before hubby managed to meet his bride.

Marriage is a serious commitment. We believed that we were ready at the moment we entered it, and confirmed we able to work for our relationship.

I'm glad I married him. :)

Monday, November 3, 2008

A Designer's Dining Table

See the dining table designed by Little Inbox? Is it nice? Don't you think I'm rich? Hahaha. Not really la.

Okay, let me tell you the truth. I'm so "tai tau har" (forgetful). My hubby awarded me some allowance the other day. I put the stack of notes in my pocket immediately, but after that I totally forgot about it. I changed my clothes and threw it into the washing machine and press the "start" button. Then after a while I posted a question to my hubby: "Where's the money you gave me just now?" Of course he didn't have the answer for me la.... Sob sob, when I remember what's happening, the notes were all soaked. Wanna cry already.... Woo woo woo.......

That's why I have the "money" dining table lor......Does it look creative?

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Goat's Story

Five years ago, Hubby and I were still courting. :) It was a Goat's year in Lunar calendar. He invited me to his house in SP to celebrate CNY with his family. It was fun to go to relatives house cuz we were able to collect as many "red packets" as possible. :P

In the evening we went for a walk at the residential area. Suddenly, we heard a goat crying desolately not far away. We searched around to find out what's happening. It sounded so pathetic. Finally, we discovered a young goat. It was entrapped in a deep drain and was yelling for help. We wondered how to safe this little goat. We tried to pull its ear, its head but was not successful. In the end hubby had to sacrifice himself to go down to the drain and carried the little goat from there. :) He's so brave hor? And, the little goat ran away happily. We were happy too, as we managed to safe the goat. :)

Now, whenever I see a group of goat munching green leaves around that area, I will recall that incident.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fell Sick

Tiger pup fell sick yesterday. "He" vomited on newspaper where we prepared as "his" toilet. Then the whole afternoon "he" looked so sick. From "his" pitiful face, we really felt "heart ache". "He" was weak and not even bother to follow us like what "he" used to act. From "his" expression, "he" conveyed the message that how suffer "he" was. "He" even moaned about "his" sickness when we carried "him". We grieved over his ilness for the whole afternoon. :(

In the evening, we left "him" alone at home as we need to go out for a while. By the time we were home, we felt relieved seeing "his" response. "He" looked much more better and he's able to manja like usual. Phew......

According to hubby, "he" is now playing happily with the fake bone. We know, "he" is fully recovered now. Yippy!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Tiger Pup Is On Youtube!

My first experience in video recording has been devoted to Tiger pup. I learn to upload the video to Youtube too. Try to focus on the very beginning of the video. "He" jumped side way! Hubby & I can't control ourselves to keep on laughing on "his" jumping action. Don't you think "he" is cute?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sweet Time At Home

While most of the people spending their holiday away from home, I'm here in our sweet home, with my dear and off course with our naughty little Tiger. :) Sounds like a happy family? LOL, hahaha...

We did the same routine activities like we did on every Sunday. We went for our weekly marketing, and house chores. I enjoyed my time preparing our home cooked meals too. Hmm... I just prepare a simple steamboat for our lunch and dinner. Once a while having steamboat at home is kind of warm. Hubby and I enjoyed our meals and chit-chat and also not forgot to watch out Tiger. "He" was there to enjoy "his" meal too.

Life is not boring with Tiger around. Even now, Tiger is resting on my lap. So coquettish hor? Want to share with you what does Tiger learn today. See...

Yes, "he" learns how to stand. Clever pup! "He" went through some painful experiences before "he" manage to stand smart.

This photo is the evidence of "his" painful learning curve. "He" fell few times, and "he" learned the lessons to balance "his" body. We gave "him" some treats as reward.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy Deepavali to All!

Yesterday, just before I left my company in my happy holiday mood, I captured a photo of the "kolam" at our company lobby. Every year just before Deepavali celebration, my Indian colleagues will gather at the lobby and make their effort to decorate the "kolam". A design is drawn on the floor and it's filled in with colourful dyed rice grains. My Indian friend told me that it is a sign of welcome and prosperity. 8 lotus caddle lights are allocated in each of the "flower pedal" as this festival is celebrated with lamps and lights, signifying the victory of good over evil and uplifting of spiritual darkness.

Happy Deepavali to all Hindu and Happy Holiday to everyone!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

How Well Do You Know Yourself?

Sometimes I feel like I'm in conflict with my inner soul. :( Am I a cat or am I a lion? Huh? I am not quite sure. I just know these two characters are antithetic. Sometimes, I may be as timid as a kitten, but occationally I'm like a wild lion. Is this call weak in "emotion" control? To further analyse myself, I got myself an aid which is a self test on 3smartcubes.

If you want to take the same test, I'll encourage you to go ahead. Bear in mind this will take you about 15 minutes time to analyse the total of 24 long questionnaires. Be patient...

After completing the test, you'll get your report, and mine as per the following:

Little Inbox, you are highly knowledgeable about your own self.

During this test you answered questions which measured how well you know your own self. Based on your scores, we could conclude that you have more than a fair share of knowledge about your own self.

You know yourself pretty well and are usually honest with yourself. You are well aware of your strengths and weaknesses and feel no shame in admitting (to yourself only, maybe) if you are wrong or have made a mistake. Introspection and self-discovery probably interest you a lot.

People who are very honest with themselves are also prone to certain shortcomings. However, some simple steps can remedy this. Would you like to know how?

I'm not satisfied with the report. The analysis is too brief (Free version). Also, I didn't proceed to the next step, cuz it's not for FREE! Well, I have to figure out what would be the remedies. :D I'm still squeezing my brain to think for an answer.

I'm still learning hard to have confidence in myself, to trust myself, and to believe in myself ......Am I confusing you?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Little Tiger's Adventure

Hubby went out for lunch yesterday noon. He left Tiger alone downstairs to play around. Hubby went to upstairs to get his wallet just before he left. When he locked the main door, Tiger was exploring the kitchen, unaware that my hubby gone out already.

Hubby came back home after about an hour's time. He searched high and low for little Tiger. Searched everywhere, but Tiger was no where to be found. Tiger is missing! Oh no! Poor hubby must be terribly worried.:( Wondering where this little Tiger gone? *Sob Sob*

Hubby was kind of hopeless. He went upstairs and………surprisingly, Tiger was there! Tiger was sitting on the floor mat waiting for hubby. Har?? *Scratching head* This little tiny thing knows how to climb up the stairs? "He" has not done this before when we are at home. We used to carry "him" up and down every time. Finally, "he" did it. "He" is so timid, how could "he" manage to climb up the stairs? We got more than 20 staircase. That is a lot to "him". "He" must be trying very hard to search for "his" master. Does this prove "he" owns the "never die" spirit?

Pity Tiger. "He" must be worried to be alone. Hubby gave "him" some snack as an encouragement. :D

Monday, October 20, 2008

Stroll Alone In The Garden

The other day when I took a stroll at my in law's garden, I noticed this spiral plant. It looked very similar to morning glory. It wound around the star fruit tree. Led by curiosity, I tried my luck if I could find out whether it bears any fruit. :)

See...What I did I get? Baby cucumbers! Lots of them. It grows from the jungle behind. Ended up, I exercised myself on plucking those tiny cucumbers. :P Just plucking for fun, I didn't consume any. I was wondering if it contains poison.

Then I spotted a little monster - a stunning bug in green. Must be "curi makan" the green leaves, I guess.

It wore such a beautiful coat. *Bling Bling* some more.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tiger's Sleeping Pose

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tiger Chihuahua

Here I would like to present to you our lovely pet - Tiger Chihuahua. He's 2 months old, which we just adopted last night from his previous owner, Sam.

Hubby just sent me this photo. I can't wait to go back and hug him. Hubby nursed him and let him rest on his work desk. I guarantee when you see it, your heart will melt like what I feel now... Oh, my Tiger pup.

Refering to his vet's appoinment card, you know what? His birthday coincidentlly fall on the same day as mine which is on 15th Aug. This is so called predestined affinity. Do you agree?

Although he's small, but he understands some simple language and very well behaved. When we call his name, he will wag his hairy tail. When we wave at him and say "Tiger, come on!", it will straight away run to us. :) When we ask him to sit, it will follow our instruction. Now, he follows us everywhere we go within our house compound. Next, hubby will need to "toilet-train" him.

Don't you think he is adorable? :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Our "2-Days" Pet

On last Friday, I was on 2nd half due to company shutdown for annual dinner. Hubby and I went to my parents place for lunch. When we reached there, we saw this. A female dog was nursing her 3 little puppies. I can't stopped myself but to go near to capture a photo. I was attracted by the little puppies. They are so cute! All of them lying side by side sucking their mummy's milk. According to my parents, these 3 babies were born during Raya. They hide in the hole connected to the drain. Pity to them especially during those raining days. Sob, sob.

I talked to hubby if he agreed to adopt one of the mini puppy. He nodded with no objection. After the mummy dog moved away to rest under a car, hubby managed to grab one of the puppy and brought it back to my parents house. We played with the puppy. Mum passed to me a shoes box to hold the puppy back to my home. The puppy cried for its mummy through out the process, and the mummy dog came and searched for her baby. We got into our car as fast as we can, and drove off. Pity the puppy, it cried non stop until it fell a sleep.

See our pet, Mimi? Oh yea, it's a female. We let her rest in a basket.

I was a bit skeptical when comes to taking care of a puppy. Isn't she cute? Look at her plump body? I can't control myself to keep touching it, "loading" my love to her.

She asleeps most of the time.

Our immediate task was to wash her thoroughly as she was living in the drain for some time now. I boiled some hot water and my hubby washed her with some warm water and body shampoo. After that, we brought her back to my FIL house in SP for our weekly visit.

We bought a bottle of puppy milk together with a milk bottle to feed her. At first she sucked and munched for the milk but after a few tries she stopped and start whining again. I guess she wants her mummy's milk. Then, she got tired and fell asleep again.

At night, when we were about to sleep, she suddenly sat up and gave a little cry. We thought maybe she wants to get out from her basket so we took her up and put her on the floor. Then, we realize she wants to pee! She didn't want to soil her bed that's why making noise to get out of her basket.

Afterwards, we all went to sleep...until 4am in the morning, she suddenly cries again. Pee again? Yes, we were right, she wants to pee, that's why waking us up.

The next morning, we tried feeding her milk again but she doesn't want...I even force her to drink but the stubborn puppy just don't want "fake" milk. She wants her mummy's!

We also realized she starts shedding hair, and a bit unnatural too as the shedding was quite a lot. Hubby thought that probably is because of the washing we did to her previously, and maybe she is too young feed using bottles....

The next day, we came back to Penang and went to my parent's place after our weekly marketing. We brought her there too. When we reached my parent's house the little puppy started yapping, and the mother dog, which was around the corner, rushed to the gate and started barking and banging on the gate, wanting to get her baby back! And the mummy dog is accompanied by a few male dogs and they also started to bang on the gate too.

So we thought maybe we should let the Mimi to her mum as she doesn't want to drink anything other than her mummy's milk. Slowly we let her out of the gate and immediately she cried and looked for her mum's nipples. The mummy dog laid down and Mimi sucks ferociously like there is no tomorrow. She must be so hungry after all these while.

Today, when I went to my mum's place for lunch, my mum said all the 3 puppies were taken by an Indian couple, followed by the mummy dog. Hmmmm....there goes my little Mimi~ I miss her now. I thought I could still see her by the roadside but she is gone now...I hope she will grow up well together with her siblings.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Safeguard Your Health!

Last Saturday, FIL was invited for a visit to a friend's organic farm at Jitra. He bought us some organic vegies. :-) Let's see what we got: Osyter mushroom, Enoki mushroom, lady's fingers, water convolvulus (kangkung) and a bottle of Ganoderma Lucilium 灵芝 tablets.

Nowadays eating fresh vegies is no longer safe. Most vegies contain a high amount of pesticides and residues from the use of chemicals. And now there's news reported about melamine was found is vegies imported from China. Does it sound scary? A friend of my brother who is the owner of a farm confirmed that pesticide is not avoidable to ensure a healthy growth of the plants. Indirectly, I interprete his words as "with the usage of pesticide, his income will be increased". An important piece of info: French beans contain the highest pesticide. My brother always emphasise this. Whenever he's around, we'll never get a chance to taste a single French bean.

On and off, hubby and I take an option to go for those vegies that are believe to have less or no pesticides like sweet potato leaves and watercress. I'll take another step to soak the vegies in a big pot of water with little bit of dilluted Amway dish drops added. Just soak for 1 to 2 minutes and rinse well. The third option, which is to follow the trend now - to go for organic vegies. I have another last option, which is to prevent dining out too frequently. Hehe, I don't believe the vegies served at hawker stalls or fine dining restaurant are properly washed and soaked. I trust home cooked meals more than anything else. Just dine out once a while occasionally during those lazy days. Opsss....does it sound like excuses?

Ok, we admit we are both "kiasi" human beings.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Hectic Day

Phew... Finally I got a chance sitting down in front of my lovely blog and enjoying some cherry tomatoes for my snack. :) Life is hectic today. After Raya break for almost 5 days, I feel more refreshing and energetic.

First thing in the morning was to check e-mails. More than 100 emails were sitting in my inbox All of them were "waving" at me for help! Cuz only I managed to release them. Sigh...Customer feedback are never ending. However, I do have minority of counterparts in US who helped me through my hard time. Don is one of them. Again, he send me another long long email. He guides me to understand the certificate regulatory issues that we currently facing. Also, he tells me how his life in Colorado Springs. The weather and what activities that he currently have. :) A nice American guy.

Lunch is always very rush. Mom and dad usually wait for me for their home cooked meal. We always chit-chat while enjoying our lunch. They told me some of the happenings and I share some of mine. Sometimes, my eldest sister will join us if she managed to squeeze in with her schedule.

This afternoon session was like never ending fire-fighting. Fight like there is no tomorrow. I'm wondering when this kind of life is going to transform into more peaceful working life, huh?! When it reaches 5pm, I still have some important emails and reports that I've yet to complete. Customer's email must be replied within 24 hours, so no choice but to put it as first priority. Reports?? Wait till tomorrow la...

Evening is always busy too. Got to cook dinner on my own. Dinner is the only meal I have with hubby through out the weekdays. Gotta enjoy it. This will normally followed by a series of cleaning task. Cleaning up the dishes, washing up those dirty clothes, ironing,.......

Am I sound like a super woman? :D