Monday, October 13, 2008

Our "2-Days" Pet

On last Friday, I was on 2nd half due to company shutdown for annual dinner. Hubby and I went to my parents place for lunch. When we reached there, we saw this. A female dog was nursing her 3 little puppies. I can't stopped myself but to go near to capture a photo. I was attracted by the little puppies. They are so cute! All of them lying side by side sucking their mummy's milk. According to my parents, these 3 babies were born during Raya. They hide in the hole connected to the drain. Pity to them especially during those raining days. Sob, sob.

I talked to hubby if he agreed to adopt one of the mini puppy. He nodded with no objection. After the mummy dog moved away to rest under a car, hubby managed to grab one of the puppy and brought it back to my parents house. We played with the puppy. Mum passed to me a shoes box to hold the puppy back to my home. The puppy cried for its mummy through out the process, and the mummy dog came and searched for her baby. We got into our car as fast as we can, and drove off. Pity the puppy, it cried non stop until it fell a sleep.

See our pet, Mimi? Oh yea, it's a female. We let her rest in a basket.

I was a bit skeptical when comes to taking care of a puppy. Isn't she cute? Look at her plump body? I can't control myself to keep touching it, "loading" my love to her.

She asleeps most of the time.

Our immediate task was to wash her thoroughly as she was living in the drain for some time now. I boiled some hot water and my hubby washed her with some warm water and body shampoo. After that, we brought her back to my FIL house in SP for our weekly visit.

We bought a bottle of puppy milk together with a milk bottle to feed her. At first she sucked and munched for the milk but after a few tries she stopped and start whining again. I guess she wants her mummy's milk. Then, she got tired and fell asleep again.

At night, when we were about to sleep, she suddenly sat up and gave a little cry. We thought maybe she wants to get out from her basket so we took her up and put her on the floor. Then, we realize she wants to pee! She didn't want to soil her bed that's why making noise to get out of her basket.

Afterwards, we all went to sleep...until 4am in the morning, she suddenly cries again. Pee again? Yes, we were right, she wants to pee, that's why waking us up.

The next morning, we tried feeding her milk again but she doesn't want...I even force her to drink but the stubborn puppy just don't want "fake" milk. She wants her mummy's!

We also realized she starts shedding hair, and a bit unnatural too as the shedding was quite a lot. Hubby thought that probably is because of the washing we did to her previously, and maybe she is too young feed using bottles....

The next day, we came back to Penang and went to my parent's place after our weekly marketing. We brought her there too. When we reached my parent's house the little puppy started yapping, and the mother dog, which was around the corner, rushed to the gate and started barking and banging on the gate, wanting to get her baby back! And the mummy dog is accompanied by a few male dogs and they also started to bang on the gate too.

So we thought maybe we should let the Mimi to her mum as she doesn't want to drink anything other than her mummy's milk. Slowly we let her out of the gate and immediately she cried and looked for her mum's nipples. The mummy dog laid down and Mimi sucks ferociously like there is no tomorrow. She must be so hungry after all these while.

Today, when I went to my mum's place for lunch, my mum said all the 3 puppies were taken by an Indian couple, followed by the mummy dog. Hmmmm....there goes my little Mimi~ I miss her now. I thought I could still see her by the roadside but she is gone now...I hope she will grow up well together with her siblings.


New Kid on the Blog said...

they need to be nursed for at least a month before they could give it away.

Kadus_Mama said...

Awwwwww...the puppy (ur mimi) is sooo adorable..but like NKOTB said, the puppies will need their mama's milk at least month before you can actually take it back home..
Nevermind time you go to pet shop, get one of the cute dog they have there..

Little Inbox said...

New kid, I don't really know that, just simply hentam. :( I missed my Mimi.
May be I'll bring back another puppy chihuahua soon...:)

Little Inbox said...

Kadus Mama, I made an appointment to meet up with a chihuahua owner this Sunday. Hopefully, the 2 months puppy will be mine...:D

mekurukito said...

aww 2 days only? i'm sure the indian couple will take good care of all of them...

Little Inbox said...

Nana, I really hope that they take good care of Mimi...