Monday, June 29, 2009

Chocolate Shop Frenzy

Currently I'm hooked to this iPhone game called Chocolate Shop Frenzy. It's a nice game which made me feel like I own the chocolate shop for real. :) Yes, I dream to own a shop similar to this.

In the game, I decided to quit my job and take a loan to operate a shop from zero. I started my business with a very fundamental chocolate molding machine. Then with the little money earned, I managed to invest on new equipment to produce specialty chocolates. Next, I bought a wrapping machine, an equipment to make different topping to the chocolate produced, a candy machine and even a chocolate drink maker. The equipments are upgraded from time to time to improve the performance and quality.

I run the chocolate shop for 12 months in order to secure my shop. Within one year, I pay off the loan and game over......

Lesson learnt:
a. Never give up easily to secure own business. Be able to compete aggressively.
b. Must be able to perform multi task at one time in order to earn extra income.
c. Think of way to satisfy customer and myself for the win-win situation.
d. Invest wisely on tools that assist you to improve your business.

I'm still playing the game in order to achieve expert score. :P Try it out if you like this type of game, and if you own an iPod or iPhone.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Willow Springs Orchard's Monday again. I'm infected by Monday blues virus as usual. Worst thing is I woke up with sore throat this morning. I guess I'll have flu soon. Anyway, my fingers are itchy to type out the post during working hours. :)

Before my trip to Australia, one of my colleague reminded me to take more photos on persimmons. She specially requested for close up photos for persimmons on the tree. So my friend, here are the photos that I promised.

We went to Willow Springs Orchard the day before we flew back. It's situated quite far away in Bedfordale. The farm is operated by a couple. The persimmons are grown in their farm, and packed in their small factory beside the farm. The persimmons are loaded to the conveyor and packed according to their size. The price ranging from A$18 to A$24 per box, if not mistaken. Each box consists of 20 pieces. I tell you it's worth the price. It tastes so good. It's crunchy and juicy. The fruit quality is much more better than those imported persimmons from Korea or China. Theoretically, the environment, the air, the weather, the soil and the water may be the main factors that enhance the quality of grown. I guess, due to dry environment, the tree stores the all the precious essence in their fruits. That's why the fruits taste so yummy!

Hope you like the photos.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Our Neighbourhood

Believe me or not, our house in Penang island is so close to Mother Nature. You can find hills, a lake and sea in our neighbourhood within walking distance.

Just now after work, I dated hubby for a stroll by the lake and the beach. The lake and the beach is just next to each other.

The beach is clean.

Sun set.

You can even find people strolling along with their horses.

Hubby took this photo to test his photography skill. A good try, my dear!

We've been staying here since we got married. We love our home. A lovely home that is close to nature.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Home Garden

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Swan River

One afternoon, we stopped by the Swan River for a walk. The residents built their houses by the river side. Most of the families owned a cruise. Sailing about from place to place, fishing, diving, swimming and picnic by the river side are some of their pass time activities. Occasionally, you'll find them walking by river side with their pet dog(s)....

The water is clear. The sky is blue and the air is fresh. This is the life that most of us dream of.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009




至今看到以上的照片时,心情反而有点低落。像是在小说里所描素的 - 秋天总是代表着浓浓的沮丧。不知是不是重返工作后,心里头总是闷闷的。手头上的工作让我有点喘不过气来。这一切让我觉得我须要多一些私人空间。

下一次到四季国家游玩, 我倒是想要尝试春天滋味. 到时候我想我该不会遇上那么大的心情对比了。