Monday, June 29, 2009

Chocolate Shop Frenzy

Currently I'm hooked to this iPhone game called Chocolate Shop Frenzy. It's a nice game which made me feel like I own the chocolate shop for real. :) Yes, I dream to own a shop similar to this.

In the game, I decided to quit my job and take a loan to operate a shop from zero. I started my business with a very fundamental chocolate molding machine. Then with the little money earned, I managed to invest on new equipment to produce specialty chocolates. Next, I bought a wrapping machine, an equipment to make different topping to the chocolate produced, a candy machine and even a chocolate drink maker. The equipments are upgraded from time to time to improve the performance and quality.

I run the chocolate shop for 12 months in order to secure my shop. Within one year, I pay off the loan and game over......

Lesson learnt:
a. Never give up easily to secure own business. Be able to compete aggressively.
b. Must be able to perform multi task at one time in order to earn extra income.
c. Think of way to satisfy customer and myself for the win-win situation.
d. Invest wisely on tools that assist you to improve your business.

I'm still playing the game in order to achieve expert score. :P Try it out if you like this type of game, and if you own an iPod or iPhone.


KaDusMama said... also play game ya?

Little Inbox said...

KadusMama, yea sometimes. Need to relax ma.


Envisioning Little inbox be an entreprenuer...Little Inbox boleh!!! Me- no ipod / iphone

Little Inbox said...

MRC, now I'm experiencing how to operate a hair saloon in the new game. :)