Monday, March 31, 2008

Watermelon Frost 西瓜霜

In our family's first aid kit, we have a little canister called watermelon frost. It is typically used to cure oral cavity since I was a little kid. It's a kind of traditional Chinese herbal medicine. Besides effective in treating oral cavity, this herbal remedy is also use to soothe sore throat, toothaches, or to relief minor burn and cuts. One small bottle (powder form) costs for RM1, can be easily found in any Chinese medicine shop.

Watermelon frost is now available in either powder form, lozenges or spray. It contains ingredients like watermelon rind, Rhizoma Belamcandae, Bulbus Fritillariae Cirrhosae, Radix Sophorae Tonkinensis, Mentholum , Indigo Naturalis, and Borneolum.

I applied 2 to 3 times a day on my tongue the other day when I had minor ulcer. The ulcer recovered immediately on the next day. It proves to be cheap and effective.

Picky Eaters

In my family, there is a group of picky eaters. We have carnivores and omnivores. Both my parents and their children are omnivores. Just that we don't eat beef and mutton. However, among all the siblings, my brother is the freak. He favors curry too much, but to only selective type of curry. His preference curry included fish head curry (fish fillet curry is a "no no") and chicken curry (with chicken thigh, not chicken breast). He seldom take a bite on fried chicken and pork. For vegetable dish, he only eats those veggies that stir fried in sambal belacan. In other words, without spicy food, he can't live.

For the new generation in the family, our nephews and nieces, mostly they are carnivores. They choose to eat egg, chicken and pork. No fish and no veggie. I guess part of the reasons may be lack of food education, and the parents pamper the children too much. Parents used to feed their children on selected food when they are still babies. I think the better way is to let the children having meal together with the parents since they are small. Parents are advised not to cook different food for everyone. They should lead a good example on how to eat a balance diet instead. Let everybody eat the same variety of foods. In this way, it's more effective than feeding children on selective food, and teach them on food pyramid when they grow up later. Practice the right way, and make it a habit!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Sad Moment For Us...

I just got to know another "blogger friend" who was also lossing her baby boy. I'm so sorry to hear that. This is the 3rd cases after mine. Another case was my friend, who delivered her full term baby girl, but unfortunately, the baby passed away after 5 hours due to intestine problem

For my case, only several close friends, and relatives got to know about it. I would not want to talk much about it because it would be more painful. People who did not have similar experience will not understand our feelings. I don't want people to pity me either. What ever passed, let it over. We need to take care ourselves in order to have many more healthy babies.

I'm fortunate to have my lady boss who deeply understand my situation as she went through the same experience. She shared her experience, and encouraged me. We both cried in the phone. I felt much more better. With her help, my dear's support and my optimistic thinking, I have a speedy recovery. Both physically and emotionally. It's not easy, but still we have to be strong.

Friends, we have to walk out from the past...Ganbatte!

Anticipating For New Beginnings

I'll be backed to work on 7th Apr. Finally it has reached the end of 2 months rest. Phew! I must get prepared to be a busy bee in another one week's time. Ganbatte! 加油!

My dear bought me a book, "Fortune & Feng Shui 2008 XXXXX" from Lillian Too and her daughter Jeniffer Too. I'm not superstitious, but just to use the book as my personal guidance on what to take note of. After being through the unfortunate incident, I'm looking forward for new beginnings. I'm anticipating for better luck and new challenges.

According to the book, the 3rd month (5th Apr to 5th May), it's a month of new beginnings for me. Wow, great! It mentions that "the future becomes clear and what you can see seems exciting and full of happy prospects". Sounds interesting, right? It's sort of encouragement for me to step forward, to bravely take new challenges in my stride.

Again, little inbox, ganbatte!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Be A Shopping Queen

Last Thursday was a public holiday. My dear brought me to shop at Queensbay Mall. Jusco is one of my favorite spot to shop for clothes. A lot of varieties like casual wear, office wear, maternity wear, teenager wear, bras, undies and even lingerie.

Most ladies like me, love shopping. I was having a great hair day. Not only because I can shop, but a free shopping trip sponsored by my dear. I didn't even need to pay a single cent or to carry a single thing. Fuyoh! So nice to be a shopping queen! A kiss to my dear, muah!

Ok, so let's see how fruitful the shopping was. Hmm...I bought 3 body fit shirts, 3 skirts, undies, and a lingerie (in order to thank my dear, hehe...) Emm...well, quite satisfied.

Thank you, my dear!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I'm A Leo...

Though I am not really a true believer in Zodiac sign, I keep an open mind on things like these. After all, I found some of the studies really match my characteristics.

As a Leo. I need plenty of time and opportunity in my life to do the things I want, things that give me joy and allow me to express myself in a pleasurable way. Leos always like to think big, and do not enjoy things which are too detailed, or too dull. I like to lead, and don't like being ordered around. For example, I hate to be controlled by people. No matter he/she is my superior or the elder in my family. Everything can be discussed, but decision must be from me based on my flexibility, responsibility, ability and willingness. I always listen to facts, not instructions. I resist enforcement.

Another important thing to me is love. Leo needs plenty of love and attention. I can feel hurt if I'm ignored, or if someone else takes the credit for something I have done. I love to have an audience. Although I am a quiet Leo, I used to secretly look to see if anyone is watching when I'm doing something. I'm a good observer. I notice things that people used to ignore. I examine people's behaviour in order to evaluate them.

I'm totally faithful to my relationship. Once my heart or trust be broken, I'll never forgive or forget. For me, when a relationship is over, it's really over. No backward look.

My weakness is my pride. I make a lot of criticism in front of people. No matter they are my friends, my spouse, my peers, the elders or the younger. I know I'm bad. :P

Monday, March 24, 2008

Hubby's Silly Mistakes (II)

Since my last posting on "Hubby's Silly Mistakes", yesterday again, my dear bought the wrong veggie. He bought a packet of snap peas (similar to "Holland peas") instead of French beans. He gave me nonsense excuse. He said Holland and French is just nearby mah. Oh, my goodness!

Here, again, would like to show him the photos for both veggies. Dear, they look different, right?

French beans

Snap Peas

Gardening Session

It has been quite a long time since my last gardening session. I don't put much attention to my plants, really. I feel guilty for not treating the plants well, except watering. One of my plant even wilted when I was away for one week. No matter how much water I put on it, it's still look the same, wither and dry. Can't even find a single fresh leave from it. I have no way, but to throw it away. Pity the old plant. It's at least 20 years old. My mom gave it to me 2 years ago. Sorry, mom, for not taking good care of it. :(

My Hibiscus, planted by my nephew, once was growing lushly with a lots of flowers. But I really don't know why fungus like it so much. White fungus grow all over the stems and the leaves turn into blackish. I have no idea how to heal it, but just to cut all the stems short, and put some pesticide on it. It's now look like this...

Hopefully it will grow healthier.

Some of my plants grow thinly, like this one.

And this one grow healthier compare to others. It's one of my favorite plant.

Anyway, I trimmed the yellowish leaves, and fed the soil with fertilizer to support the plant growth. I wish all the plants can grow strong and healthy.

Friday, March 21, 2008

A Missing Grandma

"Ah po" is what I used to address a grandma who stays with her family opposite my parents' house. She is an old lady at her mid 80's. She is strong and healthy. She can even walk for few kilometers to other places from home. She is supposed to be easy to care care of, however, her pair of strong legs create a lot of problems for her family. She likes to go anywhere at anytime when nobody is at home. And now, she is missing. Since 3 weeks ago, she went out and missing.

Nobody knows where she is. Nobody can tell if she is still alive. She didn't bring her identity card when she went out. Furthermore, only few people can understand her language. She speaks Mandarin with typical "China" slang. She doesn't speak or understand Malay and English. Her family can't do much. They reported to police, and keep on searching for "ah po".

I can understand the anxiousness of her family and I'm worry for "ah po" too. Let's pray for "ah po" to be able to come home soon.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Slap Slap!

Are school teacher allow to slap student(s)? I got this question in my mind after my nephew told me an incident. He just entered form 1 in a government secondary school. He got a slap from his teacher due to he made some noise unintentionally when he adjusted his table. The teacher, a guy who is in his 50's, who even dare to throw a chair towards his student. Can you imagine that?

When my brother and sister in law reported the case to the principle, the principle apologized and pleaded to the parents for not bringing this issue up to the Education Department. Reason? The teacher is going to retire soon sometime this year. He wanted to prevent unnecessary problem. The teacher, also kept on apologized on the mistakes, said that he was in bad mood during that day. Are these explanation acceptable to you? To me, it's definitely not.

A teacher is suppose to be an example to the students. A person who is hot temper and have difficulties in self emotion control shouldn't be qualified as a teacher in the first place. A teacher must act reasonable. If students purposely did something wrong, I can accept teacher to cane them. But I can't accept teacher to slap students. Students are also human being. They have to be respected too.

I was a teacher too. I used to teach in a guy secondary school for a period of time. Yes, I admit that guy teenagers are really problematic. But I used to understand their problem, and try my best to guide them, not to throw anger on them. In this way, a teacher will also be respected.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Vile Cat

Argh.........I'm going to kill the cat! Can you imagine that a pussy cat came into your house, and steal your food? Yes, it happened! Just happened! The whole plate of my fragrant meat was disappeared in a minute!

Too much! I can't control my anger when I imagine the canning cat came into my house by passing through the metal grill at the front door, then it silently walked into my living room to my dining room...and then...smell my meat, climbed onto the chair, jumped to my table, gobbled my meat stealthily. I'm exploding when I imagine the cat even licking my plate, then waving its bushy tail and proudly walk out. It's extremely over much! It steal my dinner. It drove me mad! Unbelievable!

It's conceivable that my house will be recognised as "a house with the most delicious food". I'm pretty sure, it will visit my house more frequently. No way, man! I'm going to discuss a plan with hubby on how to handle this vile creature. Yea, for sure! A cat hunting mission begins...he he he he...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

MIL Is Undergoing Physiotherapy

MIL need to undergo physiotherapy to exercise her body. Just now, during my visit, a lady physiotherapist was guiding her to do exercises. Due to MIL still require an intravenous drip, hence, the physiotherapy was just limited to some basic movement on the bed.

The physiotherapist is a polite young lady. She guided MIL very patiently. MIL was asking to raise and bent her hands and legs, sitting up on bed, balancing her body,... Besides, the physiotherapist also tested MIL's fingers reaction. She must be numbness at her left hand's fingers, as she didn't realise which fingers was being pressed by the physiotherapist. :(

MIL is advised not to just lying on the bed. She is encouraged to sit up more often. This will improve her sensitivity.

MIL Is Diagnosed With Stroke

Last night, I went to the airport to pick up my dear. He came back earlier due to MIL is diagnosed with stroke.

MIL was admitted again in one the Penang's hospital. The whole night was in the ER, and followed by MRI scanning. According to Neorologist, the MRI imaging shows that MIL is not the first time attacked by stroke. The first stroke was back in some time ago, when MIL suddenly felt severe headache. She was not aware of stroke at that time, so just visited the clinic doctor for medicine, and rest at home. After the first stroke, there was some changes in her which was not been obviously noticed. She used to repeat some of the words when she communicates to others. We treated it as her brain is aging. That's all. However, this time, the recurrent stroke is more serious. Her vein to the brain has blockage, and half of her left body movement is affected.

During our visit to the hospital yesterday, she told us that she forgot to take her medicine continuously for 2 days. Oh, my goodness! That's extremely dangerous! With her health history of hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol, it leads to the stroke attack. However, we feel a bit released when we saw that her left hand and left leg are still able to function, just that the movement is not compatible to her right's. Fortunately, she is still conscious, and able to talk to us.

The only thing that worried us is her blood pressure and sugar level. Both also failed to bring down by injection and oral medication. High blood pressure ranges from 180 to 240 and the sugar level at 9.xx indicate that she is still at high risk of heart attack and recurrent stroke.

Hopefully MIL is strong enough (both mentally and emotionally) to fight the desease successfully.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

MIL Is Sick...

FIL just called up. He said MIL was just discharged from a hospital at dear's hometown. She was admitted due to high blood pressure, and was diagnosed with an artery blockage somewhere to her brain. Now, she is facing some problem in speaking. That's what I have been told.

All the while MIL is suffering from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. Besides, she also had her gall bladder removed quite a long time ago. Under all these conditions, she is suppose to take extremely good care of her diet. However, she follows what are the others eating, like nasi lemak and sweet sago pastry as her breakfast for quite often, dine out for fish curry (with coconut milk), prawns and squid dishes occasionally...In addition, she takes yellow noodles instead of vermicelli, because her 2nd son told her yellow noodles is better. Oh, goodness! With all these oily, and high cholesterol food, how can she gets her health under control? She used to depend on daily oral medication, if not she will feel uneasy, physically and emotionally.

Eldest brother IL will fly all the way back from Australia by tomorrow. As for me, I can't do much now, as myself still under medical leave, and dear is on business trip until Tuesday night. According to FIL, they will bring MIL for medical check up at Penang's hospital in another 2 days time. May be by then, I can assist to take care of her part timely if needed.

Decision From Malaysians

Hubby (in China) and I (in Malaysia) followed up the result of the General Election through the net, both the Star and also Malaysiakini the whole night. We communicated through instant messanger on the latest result, and of course the "huhuhaha" till 12 midnight. Too sleepy indeed, but still haven't got the final announcement on the federal government winner. We decided to take a good rest first and follow up the result on the next day.

Just watched the PM's post-election press conference. He announced that BN has won a simple majority in the 12th general election. However, 4 states (Penang, Kedah, Perak, and Selangor) have been taken over by opposition, and Kelantan still under PAS. In the press conference, from PM's facial expression, we know how disappointed he is regarding BN suffered some of the greatest defeats in its history. But still this is so called "people's power in democracy system". We have the power to decide who'll be the government!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Thank you...

The first two weeks after the incident were really tiresome and terrible. I'm better now. I have been trying hard to put down the burden that I've been carrying for the past few months. I have been keep on worrying since the first day I got to know I was pregnant. I don't know why, but that kind of feeling was hiding inside me.

Time heals. I must not keep going thinking about it, and depress myself for too long. I have to let it goes, and think positively.

Here, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to my hubby, who supported and comforted me along the journey. He took care of me during my most difficult moment. His care and love meant a lot to me. Thank you, my dear. Thanks for your consideration. I love you!

A Painful Experience

Today is exactly one month after the incident. It was the most painful experience I ever had. I lost my baby boy at my 22nd weeks of pregnancy.

My amniotic water broke, and I was put on induced labour on 8th of Feb. Within 1 hour, the baby was delivered. He was still alive at that moment, but was told by the doctor, he won't be alived as his lungs were not been properly formed at as early as 22 weeks. I dare not take a look at him, but I will never forget the first and the only voice he made. Hubby said he looked so perfect, just born too early. Our poor little baby...

After the delivery, I failed to deliver the placenta. This made a D&C necessary so I was taken to the operating room for the procedure.

He was the baby that we never thought we would be able to conceive naturally. He was our much wanted and anticipated first baby. He was such a miracle, but he left us so early...

Friday, March 7, 2008

5 Embarrassing Things About Me At This Moment

Recently my emotion is like a roller coaster, lots of ups and downs. I need to jot down what I can recall as the 5 most embarrasing things about me at this moment.

1. I can easily drop my tears since a month ago.

2. I intend to stay at home. Prefer to be isolated since a month ago.

3. I stay awake till late at night since a week ago. Has become a potential insomnia sufferer.

4. I used to bully my dear hubby since we got married.

5. I used to forget a lot of things. Just yesterday, I accidentally let the gas stove on for almost 5 hours!!! Luckily it was under the lowest fire mode.

Dear, sorry...

Dear, I teased you last night for not helping you to pack your luggage. I even passed you the radio taxi's phone number for you to call a cab to the airport. This is the first time I behave so so so badly.

It's not that I don't care about you. It just that I want you to give me a hug, telling me that you need me...

In the end, I still helped you out, after seeing you facing problem to fold up your shirts. You even search the net to find info on how to fold a shirt. Oh, pity you.....

I'm sorry, my dear...

I Miss You, My Dear

I just send my dear to the airport. Due to the direct flights are all fully booked, he will take off to Singapore and change a plane to Hong Kong instead. Hmm...he's on business trip again...I won't be able see him in another 5 days time...

Dear, I'm so lonely here. I miss you. Miss your annoying snoring, your body smell...I just wonder whether you realized that I hugged you secretly while you were having your good night sleep last night. I even took your photo without your knowledge. See...

Hahaha... :P

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hubby's Silly Mistakes

Currently, I'm on long medical leave due to some circumstances. Previously, hubby and I used to do shopping and marketing together, but now I have to pass over the job to him. What I need to do is just come out with a shopping/marketing checklist to ensure he buy all the neccessity. But guy is still guy. He is not familiar with the variety of vegetables. I can't set high expectation on him. Trust me, I have concrete evidence to support my statement.

Here are the silly mistakes that he made so far.
Mistakes 1: I asked him to buy lemon grass, but he came back with a bunch of spring onions.
Mistakes 2: My checklist stated as spring onions, but he bought me a bunch of leek insteed.

Spring onion
Vs lemon grass
Vs leek

So, I have to educate him how to recognise and differentiate each of them, and telling him:
1. Spring onion is to use as garnishing for Koay Teow Th'ng, chicken porridge, soups, and tofu dishes.
2. Lemon grass is to use as spice for curry.
3. Leek can be mainly use for stir frying, or to cook with other harden tofu.

I hope that these really assist him to prevent the similar mistakes. Just wondering what will be the next silly mistakes... :(

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Pata Pata Pata Pon!

Oh my god, I'm catching the FEVER from the indigenous tribe of Patapon! Ever since I hook on the latest PSP game titled "Patapon", all I could hear is the rhythmic drum and the singing eyeballs responding to my godly command. My loyal Patapon is constantly fueling my insanity with their worships..."GREAT LORD...THE ALMIGHTY...", wishing me to bestow the Miracles upon the once forgotten tribe.

I couldn't even start to describe how well this simple game is is a combination of rhytm, music and real time tactics, all blended together in a 2D simple graphics..but the result is GREAT. There are very few games that really catches my attention, Patapon is one of them. It is cute, simple and fun to play.

Look at the cute little eyeballs with weapons, they are adorable aren't they? :)


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What Makes You Refreshing?

My answer is nature. Blue sky, green ocean, big trees, blossoms........They are beautiful, aren't they?

Osteophytes and Osteoporosis

One of my friend's mom just passed away on last 2 weeks. She was aged 70 over, and suffered from Osteophytes (bone spurs) and also Osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is a disease characterized by low bone mass and deterioration of bone tissue. It leads to increase bone fragility and risk of fracture. Osteoporosis can result in disfigurement, lowered self-esteem, reduction or loss of mobility, and decreased independence.

Osteophytes refers to abnormal bony outgrowth. It usually limit joint movement and typically cause pain.

According to research (Anlene™ Bone Health Check programme), 1 out of 2 Malaysian women who age 50 and above are at higher risk of developing poor bone health. To prevent bone disease, the following action can be taken:
1. to perform weight-bearing activity like jogging, brisk walking and sports like tennis and golf.
2. to include the important bone nutrients such as calcium, vitamin D, protein, zinc and magnesium in daily diet.

Bear in mind, prevention is better than cure. For those who are interested in Anlene™ Bone Health Check programme, kindly visit or call 1800-88 3122.

Monday, March 3, 2008

SohoKL in Mon’t Kiara

In March 2008, we'll witness the opening of the SoLARIS HoTSPOTZ Kuala Lumpur (SohoKL) in Mon’t Kiara. The one-stop hub comprising the world's famous international delicacies and clubbing scenes. With the build up area of 150,000 sqft., it a modern building with artistic design concept.

Tenji, Cocoon, Schokolat,Garage-themed Restaurant and Club, Dubrovnik are some of the popular outlets to look for. Besides, outdoor space is allocated for those companies that are organizing street parties, outdoor exhibitions, etc.

Soon SohoKL will become a hotspot for foodies and scenesters. Come on! Great fun is here to enjoy!

Products Design For A Couple

Here are some Brazil products that I came across from a forwarded email. It's interesting and useful when applicable to a loving couple.

A camera holder that enable a couple taking their own photos. So convenient...

An extreamly good umbrella for a couple, isn't it?

A bed with four springy legs. Must be fun when a couple is making love on the bed, right?

Attractive Flower Pots

Photos taken from the Star

All sorts of plastic container can be transformed into different kinds of accessories. Not only useful, but also attractive. For example, the Prune containers. It can be recycled into pretty flower pots.
For more details, click here to learn from Teresa Wong.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

LCD TV Fiesta~

Recently we see a lot of advertisement in the newspaper and leaflets promoting LCD TV at very seductive prices. All the big brothers in the market...Samsung, LG, JVC, Sharp all dropping their prices below RM2,400, and I bet if you really look hard enough, you could get a branded LCD for less than RM2,200. With so many brands around throwing prices, it will be hard for consumers to choose one to replace their dinosaur TV at home. Yeah, the Mammoth TV(CRT) has been sitting at the living room long enough it has become the signature of your home.:P

But first, is it worth to buy LCD TV now? Or more importantly, why should we buy now or should we wait? And if we want to buy now, which brand should we choose? If you ask this question to ten people, you'll probably get ten different answers. So ended up better do own research before buying one.

The major differences between LCD TV and Mammoth TV is that the LCD aspect ratio ia 16:9, whereas the old tv is 4:3. Having a wider screen means you can see more things on a screen, and as most of your favourite DVDs come in wide screen format, you'll got to see a bigger picture. However, our one and only satellite TV ASTRO is broadcasting 4:3 at the moment, so if you watch it on LCD TV it will look stretched. But I think people will get used to it after a while and don't bother with the fat faces on the screen...hehe

Also, we can see a lot of features marketed by the branded ones like dynamic contrast ratio, response time, 100Hz and so forth, but having done some comparisons, you may notice some differences, but a lot of the features you'll probably won't use it for the rest of your life...or you'll probably don't have the High definition videos to enjoy benefits now anyway.

So the verdict? Go to the shops, look at it yourself and compare the picture. Pick one best to your liking as you'll probably stuck with it for another 10 years.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Aska Yang latest album in Malaysia

Finally, Aska Yang album can be found in the local stores,YAY! Cheers~Screams~Cry......
Well, maybe Aska doesn't have so many die hard fans in Malaysia, but he is indeed one of the hottest singer in Taiwan now. Starting from the One Million Star (超級星光大道) show, Aska has transformed from a unattractive nobody to a shinning star in just a few months.

Aska first caught my eye when he started his journey on the One Million Star, when people always criticize his appearance, hairdo and how he dress. He was on the brink of getting kicked out of the competition, but was saved by his ability and potential of singing. Then, after some hard training, he suddenly stunned his audiences with Amei's 《人質》 and then Gary's 《背叛》. His ability to sing is suddenly on par with the famous singers and what's more, his voice is able to penetrate one's soul. He is suddenly catapulted into new heights unimaginable and became the hottest topic in the show.

Then came the disastrous moment when people found out that his actual age was not what he claimed in the show. Under tremendous pressure from the press, he decided to quit One Million Star, even though he is only a few steps away from the Final.

Anyway, this doesn't matter to him now as his ability to sing has surpass what the show can offer. He went on to release his new album under Warner Music, sealing his fate of becoming a famous singer....