Saturday, March 1, 2008

Aska Yang latest album in Malaysia

Finally, Aska Yang album can be found in the local stores,YAY! Cheers~Screams~Cry......
Well, maybe Aska doesn't have so many die hard fans in Malaysia, but he is indeed one of the hottest singer in Taiwan now. Starting from the One Million Star (超級星光大道) show, Aska has transformed from a unattractive nobody to a shinning star in just a few months.

Aska first caught my eye when he started his journey on the One Million Star, when people always criticize his appearance, hairdo and how he dress. He was on the brink of getting kicked out of the competition, but was saved by his ability and potential of singing. Then, after some hard training, he suddenly stunned his audiences with Amei's 《人質》 and then Gary's 《背叛》. His ability to sing is suddenly on par with the famous singers and what's more, his voice is able to penetrate one's soul. He is suddenly catapulted into new heights unimaginable and became the hottest topic in the show.

Then came the disastrous moment when people found out that his actual age was not what he claimed in the show. Under tremendous pressure from the press, he decided to quit One Million Star, even though he is only a few steps away from the Final.

Anyway, this doesn't matter to him now as his ability to sing has surpass what the show can offer. He went on to release his new album under Warner Music, sealing his fate of becoming a famous singer....