Tuesday, March 11, 2008

MIL Is Diagnosed With Stroke

Last night, I went to the airport to pick up my dear. He came back earlier due to MIL is diagnosed with stroke.

MIL was admitted again in one the Penang's hospital. The whole night was in the ER, and followed by MRI scanning. According to Neorologist, the MRI imaging shows that MIL is not the first time attacked by stroke. The first stroke was back in some time ago, when MIL suddenly felt severe headache. She was not aware of stroke at that time, so just visited the clinic doctor for medicine, and rest at home. After the first stroke, there was some changes in her which was not been obviously noticed. She used to repeat some of the words when she communicates to others. We treated it as her brain is aging. That's all. However, this time, the recurrent stroke is more serious. Her vein to the brain has blockage, and half of her left body movement is affected.

During our visit to the hospital yesterday, she told us that she forgot to take her medicine continuously for 2 days. Oh, my goodness! That's extremely dangerous! With her health history of hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol, it leads to the stroke attack. However, we feel a bit released when we saw that her left hand and left leg are still able to function, just that the movement is not compatible to her right's. Fortunately, she is still conscious, and able to talk to us.

The only thing that worried us is her blood pressure and sugar level. Both also failed to bring down by injection and oral medication. High blood pressure ranges from 180 to 240 and the sugar level at 9.xx indicate that she is still at high risk of heart attack and recurrent stroke.

Hopefully MIL is strong enough (both mentally and emotionally) to fight the desease successfully.