Friday, March 28, 2008

Anticipating For New Beginnings

I'll be backed to work on 7th Apr. Finally it has reached the end of 2 months rest. Phew! I must get prepared to be a busy bee in another one week's time. Ganbatte! 加油!

My dear bought me a book, "Fortune & Feng Shui 2008 XXXXX" from Lillian Too and her daughter Jeniffer Too. I'm not superstitious, but just to use the book as my personal guidance on what to take note of. After being through the unfortunate incident, I'm looking forward for new beginnings. I'm anticipating for better luck and new challenges.

According to the book, the 3rd month (5th Apr to 5th May), it's a month of new beginnings for me. Wow, great! It mentions that "the future becomes clear and what you can see seems exciting and full of happy prospects". Sounds interesting, right? It's sort of encouragement for me to step forward, to bravely take new challenges in my stride.

Again, little inbox, ganbatte!