Monday, March 3, 2008

SohoKL in Mon’t Kiara

In March 2008, we'll witness the opening of the SoLARIS HoTSPOTZ Kuala Lumpur (SohoKL) in Mon’t Kiara. The one-stop hub comprising the world's famous international delicacies and clubbing scenes. With the build up area of 150,000 sqft., it a modern building with artistic design concept.

Tenji, Cocoon, Schokolat,Garage-themed Restaurant and Club, Dubrovnik are some of the popular outlets to look for. Besides, outdoor space is allocated for those companies that are organizing street parties, outdoor exhibitions, etc.

Soon SohoKL will become a hotspot for foodies and scenesters. Come on! Great fun is here to enjoy!


mekurukito said...

heard of this place. any idea if it's already opened or when will it be open?

mylittleinbox said...

Hi mekurukito, as far as I know it's opening soon...