Friday, March 21, 2008

A Missing Grandma

"Ah po" is what I used to address a grandma who stays with her family opposite my parents' house. She is an old lady at her mid 80's. She is strong and healthy. She can even walk for few kilometers to other places from home. She is supposed to be easy to care care of, however, her pair of strong legs create a lot of problems for her family. She likes to go anywhere at anytime when nobody is at home. And now, she is missing. Since 3 weeks ago, she went out and missing.

Nobody knows where she is. Nobody can tell if she is still alive. She didn't bring her identity card when she went out. Furthermore, only few people can understand her language. She speaks Mandarin with typical "China" slang. She doesn't speak or understand Malay and English. Her family can't do much. They reported to police, and keep on searching for "ah po".

I can understand the anxiousness of her family and I'm worry for "ah po" too. Let's pray for "ah po" to be able to come home soon.