Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Be A Shopping Queen

Last Thursday was a public holiday. My dear brought me to shop at Queensbay Mall. Jusco is one of my favorite spot to shop for clothes. A lot of varieties like casual wear, office wear, maternity wear, teenager wear, bras, undies and even lingerie.

Most ladies like me, love shopping. I was having a great hair day. Not only because I can shop, but a free shopping trip sponsored by my dear. I didn't even need to pay a single cent or to carry a single thing. Fuyoh! So nice to be a shopping queen! A kiss to my dear, muah!

Ok, so let's see how fruitful the shopping was. Hmm...I bought 3 body fit shirts, 3 skirts, undies, and a lingerie (in order to thank my dear, hehe...) Emm...well, quite satisfied.

Thank you, my dear!