Monday, March 17, 2008

Slap Slap!

Are school teacher allow to slap student(s)? I got this question in my mind after my nephew told me an incident. He just entered form 1 in a government secondary school. He got a slap from his teacher due to he made some noise unintentionally when he adjusted his table. The teacher, a guy who is in his 50's, who even dare to throw a chair towards his student. Can you imagine that?

When my brother and sister in law reported the case to the principle, the principle apologized and pleaded to the parents for not bringing this issue up to the Education Department. Reason? The teacher is going to retire soon sometime this year. He wanted to prevent unnecessary problem. The teacher, also kept on apologized on the mistakes, said that he was in bad mood during that day. Are these explanation acceptable to you? To me, it's definitely not.

A teacher is suppose to be an example to the students. A person who is hot temper and have difficulties in self emotion control shouldn't be qualified as a teacher in the first place. A teacher must act reasonable. If students purposely did something wrong, I can accept teacher to cane them. But I can't accept teacher to slap students. Students are also human being. They have to be respected too.

I was a teacher too. I used to teach in a guy secondary school for a period of time. Yes, I admit that guy teenagers are really problematic. But I used to understand their problem, and try my best to guide them, not to throw anger on them. In this way, a teacher will also be respected.