Tuesday, March 11, 2008

MIL Is Undergoing Physiotherapy

MIL need to undergo physiotherapy to exercise her body. Just now, during my visit, a lady physiotherapist was guiding her to do exercises. Due to MIL still require an intravenous drip, hence, the physiotherapy was just limited to some basic movement on the bed.

The physiotherapist is a polite young lady. She guided MIL very patiently. MIL was asking to raise and bent her hands and legs, sitting up on bed, balancing her body,... Besides, the physiotherapist also tested MIL's fingers reaction. She must be numbness at her left hand's fingers, as she didn't realise which fingers was being pressed by the physiotherapist. :(

MIL is advised not to just lying on the bed. She is encouraged to sit up more often. This will improve her sensitivity.