Sunday, March 2, 2008

LCD TV Fiesta~

Recently we see a lot of advertisement in the newspaper and leaflets promoting LCD TV at very seductive prices. All the big brothers in the market...Samsung, LG, JVC, Sharp all dropping their prices below RM2,400, and I bet if you really look hard enough, you could get a branded LCD for less than RM2,200. With so many brands around throwing prices, it will be hard for consumers to choose one to replace their dinosaur TV at home. Yeah, the Mammoth TV(CRT) has been sitting at the living room long enough it has become the signature of your home.:P

But first, is it worth to buy LCD TV now? Or more importantly, why should we buy now or should we wait? And if we want to buy now, which brand should we choose? If you ask this question to ten people, you'll probably get ten different answers. So ended up better do own research before buying one.

The major differences between LCD TV and Mammoth TV is that the LCD aspect ratio ia 16:9, whereas the old tv is 4:3. Having a wider screen means you can see more things on a screen, and as most of your favourite DVDs come in wide screen format, you'll got to see a bigger picture. However, our one and only satellite TV ASTRO is broadcasting 4:3 at the moment, so if you watch it on LCD TV it will look stretched. But I think people will get used to it after a while and don't bother with the fat faces on the screen...hehe

Also, we can see a lot of features marketed by the branded ones like dynamic contrast ratio, response time, 100Hz and so forth, but having done some comparisons, you may notice some differences, but a lot of the features you'll probably won't use it for the rest of your life...or you'll probably don't have the High definition videos to enjoy benefits now anyway.

So the verdict? Go to the shops, look at it yourself and compare the picture. Pick one best to your liking as you'll probably stuck with it for another 10 years.