Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Vile Cat

Argh.........I'm going to kill the cat! Can you imagine that a pussy cat came into your house, and steal your food? Yes, it happened! Just happened! The whole plate of my fragrant meat was disappeared in a minute!

Too much! I can't control my anger when I imagine the canning cat came into my house by passing through the metal grill at the front door, then it silently walked into my living room to my dining room...and then...smell my meat, climbed onto the chair, jumped to my table, gobbled my meat stealthily. I'm exploding when I imagine the cat even licking my plate, then waving its bushy tail and proudly walk out. It's extremely over much! It steal my dinner. It drove me mad! Unbelievable!

It's conceivable that my house will be recognised as "a house with the most delicious food". I'm pretty sure, it will visit my house more frequently. No way, man! I'm going to discuss a plan with hubby on how to handle this vile creature. Yea, for sure! A cat hunting mission begins...he he he he...