Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I'm A Leo...

Though I am not really a true believer in Zodiac sign, I keep an open mind on things like these. After all, I found some of the studies really match my characteristics.

As a Leo. I need plenty of time and opportunity in my life to do the things I want, things that give me joy and allow me to express myself in a pleasurable way. Leos always like to think big, and do not enjoy things which are too detailed, or too dull. I like to lead, and don't like being ordered around. For example, I hate to be controlled by people. No matter he/she is my superior or the elder in my family. Everything can be discussed, but decision must be from me based on my flexibility, responsibility, ability and willingness. I always listen to facts, not instructions. I resist enforcement.

Another important thing to me is love. Leo needs plenty of love and attention. I can feel hurt if I'm ignored, or if someone else takes the credit for something I have done. I love to have an audience. Although I am a quiet Leo, I used to secretly look to see if anyone is watching when I'm doing something. I'm a good observer. I notice things that people used to ignore. I examine people's behaviour in order to evaluate them.

I'm totally faithful to my relationship. Once my heart or trust be broken, I'll never forgive or forget. For me, when a relationship is over, it's really over. No backward look.

My weakness is my pride. I make a lot of criticism in front of people. No matter they are my friends, my spouse, my peers, the elders or the younger. I know I'm bad. :P


Huey said...

That sounds like me. But I'm Gemini. :D

little inbox said...

Hi Huey, thanks for dropping by. Then I guess both of us like freedom and power.