Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hubby's Silly Mistakes

Currently, I'm on long medical leave due to some circumstances. Previously, hubby and I used to do shopping and marketing together, but now I have to pass over the job to him. What I need to do is just come out with a shopping/marketing checklist to ensure he buy all the neccessity. But guy is still guy. He is not familiar with the variety of vegetables. I can't set high expectation on him. Trust me, I have concrete evidence to support my statement.

Here are the silly mistakes that he made so far.
Mistakes 1: I asked him to buy lemon grass, but he came back with a bunch of spring onions.
Mistakes 2: My checklist stated as spring onions, but he bought me a bunch of leek insteed.

Spring onion
Vs lemon grass
Vs leek

So, I have to educate him how to recognise and differentiate each of them, and telling him:
1. Spring onion is to use as garnishing for Koay Teow Th'ng, chicken porridge, soups, and tofu dishes.
2. Lemon grass is to use as spice for curry.
3. Leek can be mainly use for stir frying, or to cook with other harden tofu.

I hope that these really assist him to prevent the similar mistakes. Just wondering what will be the next silly mistakes... :(


Liang Mui said...

wow.. ur dear jus the same like my liangzai..

got once i asked him to get me taufu... the cubes normal one. instead he got me japanese taufu. he said stil the same.. it's stil taufu.. i nearly fainted...

Little Inbox said...

Liang Mui, guy is still guy. Always chin cai chin cai.