Sunday, March 9, 2008

MIL Is Sick...

FIL just called up. He said MIL was just discharged from a hospital at dear's hometown. She was admitted due to high blood pressure, and was diagnosed with an artery blockage somewhere to her brain. Now, she is facing some problem in speaking. That's what I have been told.

All the while MIL is suffering from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. Besides, she also had her gall bladder removed quite a long time ago. Under all these conditions, she is suppose to take extremely good care of her diet. However, she follows what are the others eating, like nasi lemak and sweet sago pastry as her breakfast for quite often, dine out for fish curry (with coconut milk), prawns and squid dishes occasionally...In addition, she takes yellow noodles instead of vermicelli, because her 2nd son told her yellow noodles is better. Oh, goodness! With all these oily, and high cholesterol food, how can she gets her health under control? She used to depend on daily oral medication, if not she will feel uneasy, physically and emotionally.

Eldest brother IL will fly all the way back from Australia by tomorrow. As for me, I can't do much now, as myself still under medical leave, and dear is on business trip until Tuesday night. According to FIL, they will bring MIL for medical check up at Penang's hospital in another 2 days time. May be by then, I can assist to take care of her part timely if needed.