Monday, March 31, 2008

Picky Eaters

In my family, there is a group of picky eaters. We have carnivores and omnivores. Both my parents and their children are omnivores. Just that we don't eat beef and mutton. However, among all the siblings, my brother is the freak. He favors curry too much, but to only selective type of curry. His preference curry included fish head curry (fish fillet curry is a "no no") and chicken curry (with chicken thigh, not chicken breast). He seldom take a bite on fried chicken and pork. For vegetable dish, he only eats those veggies that stir fried in sambal belacan. In other words, without spicy food, he can't live.

For the new generation in the family, our nephews and nieces, mostly they are carnivores. They choose to eat egg, chicken and pork. No fish and no veggie. I guess part of the reasons may be lack of food education, and the parents pamper the children too much. Parents used to feed their children on selected food when they are still babies. I think the better way is to let the children having meal together with the parents since they are small. Parents are advised not to cook different food for everyone. They should lead a good example on how to eat a balance diet instead. Let everybody eat the same variety of foods. In this way, it's more effective than feeding children on selective food, and teach them on food pyramid when they grow up later. Practice the right way, and make it a habit!