Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Previous Room Not Cozy?

I know that's the interesting question that you wish to know. Ok, let me tell you the truth.

No, I found my previous room was comfortable. It's a really big & spacious room. The only thing was the materials used by the developer to built the house were not of good quality. Few months back, water started leaking from the bathroom and becoming a headache. We tried to use white cement to seal the gaps but to no avail. Also, the room floor tiling stated to show off it's ugly appearance and you can feel there's gap underneath the tiles. So those are the 2 reasons that led me into this bedroom make-over. We're not simply make over the room, as we're not rich. The room make over pop up in my mind as I found this is the most effective way to repair our room and bathroom, and at the same time, we can have a totally new looking nest. A stone to kill 2 birds at once. :) I'm heartache for the pocket bleeding too. :(

My advice: Living in a big house is absolutely comfortable, but you must have enough savings for back up. Anything spoilt, you'll need to spend at least thousands ringgit.

The bedroom make over cost about RM11k++. The bathroom alone takes up about RM3.3k, bedroom tiling - RM4.5k, concealed electrical point and lighting - RM900, new closet & dressing table to match my devan bed - RM3k.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bedroom Make Over

This picture describes about what I meant by bedroom make over.

1.) All the furniture were removed. The floor tiling was extracted.

2) The bottom part of the bathroom wall, bath tub, toilet bowl, and bathroom tiling was extracted.

3.) Several concealed electrical points were added.

4.) New lightings were installed to the wall.

5.) After the tiling is completed, the whole room will be repainted.

6.) New big closet and dressing table will be delivered.

So, we'll have a totally new romantic bedroom with a nice bathroom. :) I would say this time the house renovation concentrates on our master bedroom and laundry area. We'll have to wait for another year for the kitchen makeover and main door. We'll just follow advice of the Feng Shui Master.

This weekend will be as bored as last week. I missed my bed so much!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

No Fun

After a couple of months of super hot weather in Penang, here comes the heavy down pour. This is so great, especially on Sunday. I can just staying at home doing nothing, but just relaxing.

However, this weekend is damn bored for me. Hubby is away since yesterday afternoon to attend his coursemate's wedding. Due to the house renovation, I need to stay at home to watch out the house. With the renovation tools at my kitchen, and all the mess and dust at every corner, I'm not able to have a good rest.

Not to forget about the extra task to do. I have to hand wash all the laundry. Ah, this is a tiresome job. I sweat a lot. Perhaps this is a good method to burn fat. :-)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Senior Leadership Style

A couple of months ago, I attended a course on Senior Leadership Style. This is the helicopter that our team built in 10 minutes time. It was build using old newspapers, so this outcome is considered "passed". Hehehe...

The Helicopter is a transportation to represent the senior leadership style. People who transported in the helicopter will be able to see things clearly as they are above all the things. This is so called the bird's-eyes view. A successful leader must be a good observer who can see things from all perspectives. He/she should be able to listen to subordinates' feedback upon making good decisions. This is the factor to differentiate between a leader and a manager. So, not all managers are leaders.

I'm blessed to have a manager who is also a good leader. I admire her because of her knowledge, , experients and capability. She has the intellectual power, but at the same time she listens to us and protects us. At times when we were wrong, she points it out and holds discussions with us in order to understand the whole scenario. I have subordinates too and I'm on my way picking up the skills from her. Still long way to go.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

L For Little Inbox

I was tagged by Liang Mui. It'll be good for me to complete this tag as fast as possible before I forget about it. I'm not going to publish my real name here. Can I just use L for Little Inbox? Hahaha...New Kid On The Blog, I guess you're more headache than me.

Rules: It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag twenty people.Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real...nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.

1. What is your name : Little Inbox

2. A four Letter Word : Love, what a nice word :)

3. A boy's Name : Leonard

4. A girl's Name : Lyne

5. An occupation : Lawyer

6. A colour : Light purple

7. Something you'll wear : Lingerie? Hehehe...

8. A Beverage: Lime sherbet

9. A food : Lobster soup

10. Something found in the bathroom: L'Oreal hair dye

11. A place : Langkawi

12. A reason for being late: Late la!!

13. Something you'd shout : "Lan Si"

14. A movie title : Lake House

15. Something you drink : Lemonade

16. A musical group : Lord of the Dance

17. An animal : Leopard

18. A street name : Lovely Lane

19. A type of car : Limousine

20. The title of a song : Love is around

Ok, now is my turn to pass on the job to Kadus Mama.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dust Everywhere

Photo courtesy of

Our house is in a mess now. Dust is everywhere. Our renovation project has started. I feel extremely uncomfortable. I'm sleepy, moody and I can't have good night sleep. Hubby and Tiger are not sleeping well too. Especially Tiger, he ran along our bed and crying for help whole night long. He is not familiar with the new environment, and ask for companion.

Got to tahan for at least another week or two. Hmm....:(

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Home Cooked Food

It has been almost 3 weeks since our last dine out. This is unbelievable! :) Not only save us a lot of money, but most importantly is we got our precious home cooked meal. Home cooked, home cooked and home cooked, that's what I'd like emphasize. Home cooked food always contain less food additives, and high in nutrition value.

I choose to consume more fresh vegetables and organic food. Organic brown rice, organic noodle and extra virgin organic olive oil become essential at home. I apply simple cooking method like steam, boil, and stir fry. Not even a single deep fried dish, cuz I replace it with pan fry. :)

Of course I have to sacrifice some time for cooking after every long working day. I fall in love with my hobby - cooking. I find that it is one of the efficient method to relief my tension. :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Feng Shui

We were honoured to invite a Feng Shui Master to our house this afternoon. I purposely apply half day's leave to go home after lunch. The Feng Shui Master is my sister in law's uncle who is based in KL. My brother intents to buy a new house, but he wants to seek for some Feng Shui advice before he made up his mind. I'm glad that the new house is great in Feng Shui. :)

So, now you know. I just "tumpang" my sister in law. Got discount, hehehe...If based on the normal consultation fee, it's too expensive for me. My sister in law brought her uncle to my house. After going around the house inside out, from downstairs to upstairs, I learned a lot from the Master. Our Chinese horoscope and lunar birth date are the factors to be considered when talking about the bedroom. Not to forget about the home office too.

Ok, the conclusion is, we'll continue for the bedroom project make over, but will have to delay the plan to renovate the kitchen and main door. I've settled this with the contractor. He has no negative feedback. Whatever item that we don't want to do at the moment, he'll minus off the cost. That's it. Another positive comment for the contractor. :)

Superstitious or not, it depends on individuals. There's no right or wrong if you believe in it.

Monday, February 9, 2009


In another 4 days' time, our house make over project is going to start. I planned for the rearrangement upfront, so that the constructor can start their work faster.

First, hubby & I rearranged the 2 closets in the guest room, and I moved all our clothes over there. This will enable the worker to relocate our bedroom's closet, as we will have the flooring make over.

Now I'm still thinking of how to relocate the kitchen utencils and equipment. I don't know where to keep all those stuffs during the renovation since mojority of the hidden corner will be involved in this renovation. Sigh... I think I have to call up the contructor, see which area will come first in their schedule.

I have not ask them how long will it be for the project. We'll renovate our kitchen, laundry area, our master bedroom, 2 of our bathrooms, the main door, and some of the minor repairing task. It'll mess up my house. :(

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Kitten Meows

Some updates on the previous naughty cat. It is totally out of my expectation. The black & white cat has become our neighboour's pet. They pamper it so much. Good for it, and good for me, cuz no more "wee wee" smell. Yippy! Her master, the little girl who stays behind us gave the cat a red collar, and bathe it on weekly basis. She carries the cat like a baby. It is now a really big cat.

Aih.......who knows here comes another kitten. It stays on our roof, and it meows quite often. Look at the photo, it stares at me when I was taking its photo. Its mother, the big fat white cat is the mother to the naughty cat also. It brings food to this kitten and accompany it most of the time. The mother cat is too fertile, keep on producing kittens.

Ah......too many stray cats at our housing area. One of the reason could be that our area is quite near the seaside so they get enough fresh fish supply from the nearby fishermen. :(

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

MSN Chatting

Lately I have been chatting with one of my niece through the MSN. She is my eldest sister's daughter. My sister delivered her when I was in Form 2. If you read my previous post, you'll know that I became an aunt since I was 1 year old, haha...

My niece, Patty was babysit by my mother when she was 2 months old. I spend my time playing with her and take care of her. She stayed with us till she completed her primary school. Since then, I've not seeing her often. We just meet up during the special occations. She is now in her Form 5 secondary school. Wow, time flies.

During the CNY, we met up at my in law's place. You must be wondering why, no? My hubby is her cousin, haha...see, our relationship is so complicated. Ok, just forget about it if you found this is difficult to understand. We spend time to chit-chat and to play with Tiger. She loves Tiger so much! We exchanged MSN ID, and she added me immediately after she went home.

From then, we started our communication through MSN. She is such an adorable girl. Although our conversation is just the normal topics, but I feel happy chatting with her. She contributed her simple opinions and comments, which I think it's very frank, cuz she tells from her heart. She is a kind girl.

Just want to say that, it's nice chatting with you, Patty!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Friend Or Enemy?

If you follow my blog, you'd know that my nephew adopted a pet puppy on Christmas eve named Rocky. Rocky is a big boned pup, owing to the fact that he is a half rottweiler. My Tiger Chihuahua will always try to avoid contact with Rocky whenever we went to my parent's house. During Chinese New Year, we brought Tiger to visit my parent's place again and this time, my nephew decided to put Tiger and Rocky together and see what happens.

Rocky was delighted when he saw Tiger and tried to come near and play with him but Tiger on the other hand, not so keen with a larger breed pup and tried to stay away. :P Whenever Rocky came too close Tiger would make his growling sound and tried to push Rocky away. Then he stood up and put his paw on Rocky face and scratch him! Poor Rocky never been bullied this way before quickly ran away....@-@

Well, luckily Rocky is still very young and didn't know how to fight back, if not, my little Tiger would become his lunch.