Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Previous Room Not Cozy?

I know that's the interesting question that you wish to know. Ok, let me tell you the truth.

No, I found my previous room was comfortable. It's a really big & spacious room. The only thing was the materials used by the developer to built the house were not of good quality. Few months back, water started leaking from the bathroom and becoming a headache. We tried to use white cement to seal the gaps but to no avail. Also, the room floor tiling stated to show off it's ugly appearance and you can feel there's gap underneath the tiles. So those are the 2 reasons that led me into this bedroom make-over. We're not simply make over the room, as we're not rich. The room make over pop up in my mind as I found this is the most effective way to repair our room and bathroom, and at the same time, we can have a totally new looking nest. A stone to kill 2 birds at once. :) I'm heartache for the pocket bleeding too. :(

My advice: Living in a big house is absolutely comfortable, but you must have enough savings for back up. Anything spoilt, you'll need to spend at least thousands ringgit.

The bedroom make over cost about RM11k++. The bathroom alone takes up about RM3.3k, bedroom tiling - RM4.5k, concealed electrical point and lighting - RM900, new closet & dressing table to match my devan bed - RM3k.


Mouren said...

You are right about the back-up saving, I must tell my sister to not simply renovate her bungalow.

New Kid on the Blog said...

Adui... lots of money leh!!! Especially now the market is so gloomy and uncertain.

KaDusMama said...

Wow!! 11k for your room alone is quite expensive..!!! Hopefully the end result will be nice..must take photo for us to see ya..