Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bedroom Make Over

This picture describes about what I meant by bedroom make over.

1.) All the furniture were removed. The floor tiling was extracted.

2) The bottom part of the bathroom wall, bath tub, toilet bowl, and bathroom tiling was extracted.

3.) Several concealed electrical points were added.

4.) New lightings were installed to the wall.

5.) After the tiling is completed, the whole room will be repainted.

6.) New big closet and dressing table will be delivered.

So, we'll have a totally new romantic bedroom with a nice bathroom. :) I would say this time the house renovation concentrates on our master bedroom and laundry area. We'll have to wait for another year for the kitchen makeover and main door. We'll just follow advice of the Feng Shui Master.

This weekend will be as bored as last week. I missed my bed so much!


Kadus_Mama said...

Wah!! Romantic bedroom soon??? Niceeee..

Liang Mui said...

aiks.. kadus_mama said wat i wanna say.. hehe.. remember to take some pics of ur romantic bedroom ya..

btw, ur previous bedroom not romantic meh?? wahhaha :P

New Kid on the Blog said...

wow, like that spend how much wor?? that's 1st question, 2nd question, your old bedroom not cozy one ah?? mine also not cozy lor. but no $ to reno. :)

Wai Wai said...

Hmm.... after a day hard work, it's worth the $$...make baby k? LOL