Sunday, February 22, 2009

No Fun

After a couple of months of super hot weather in Penang, here comes the heavy down pour. This is so great, especially on Sunday. I can just staying at home doing nothing, but just relaxing.

However, this weekend is damn bored for me. Hubby is away since yesterday afternoon to attend his coursemate's wedding. Due to the house renovation, I need to stay at home to watch out the house. With the renovation tools at my kitchen, and all the mess and dust at every corner, I'm not able to have a good rest.

Not to forget about the extra task to do. I have to hand wash all the laundry. Ah, this is a tiresome job. I sweat a lot. Perhaps this is a good method to burn fat. :-)


reanaclaire said...

yes, it is pouring from KL to IPOH too.. i was driving back from KL.. all the way back, it was raining.. saw quite a few accidents.. thank God, we reached home safely..


Kesian Little inbox......but all will be over soon....cheer up :D

Wai Wai said...

Yeah, our whole family snugged up in bed and enjoyed the cool afternoon... nice..

New Kid on the Blog said...

I was staying whole day at home doing nothing.
It was a cooling weekend that I had.

I understand how restless when the house is under reno. But hey, then after you'll be fine... just bear with it, ok???

N said...

dont worry, this coming weekend will surely be better! ;)