Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Kitten Meows

Some updates on the previous naughty cat. It is totally out of my expectation. The black & white cat has become our neighboour's pet. They pamper it so much. Good for it, and good for me, cuz no more "wee wee" smell. Yippy! Her master, the little girl who stays behind us gave the cat a red collar, and bathe it on weekly basis. She carries the cat like a baby. It is now a really big cat.

Aih.......who knows here comes another kitten. It stays on our roof, and it meows quite often. Look at the photo, it stares at me when I was taking its photo. Its mother, the big fat white cat is the mother to the naughty cat also. It brings food to this kitten and accompany it most of the time. The mother cat is too fertile, keep on producing kittens.

Ah......too many stray cats at our housing area. One of the reason could be that our area is quite near the seaside so they get enough fresh fish supply from the nearby fishermen. :(


Kadus_Mama said...

yerrrr.....soooo cute lah the cat???? My area also has many stray cats..! Siamese cat some more..!!

Little Inbox said...

Siamese cat lagi cantik hor?