Friday, July 10, 2009

Sally's Salon

After the Chocolate Shop Frenzy, I move on to develop my hair salon business. I like the lady thingy. Hairdo is one of them. So I found lots of fun operating my own salon.

My goal is to satisfy my clients by giving them a new fabulous look. I provide services like hair washing, hair cutting, hair coloring, hair blowing and eye brow trimming. I would say this game is not as challenging as Chocolate Shop Frenzy, cuz I'm not alone. With the money earned, I'm allowed to hire assistance to operate the simple task like tea making, hair washing and hair blowing. So, it reduces my burden, and I feel relax through out the gaming session. :)

I found that playing game with iPhone or iPod is more flexible and easier to handle as well. You don't need to control several button at once, but just with a finger. The LCD screen is so sensitive and responsive to soft finger touch. So far, this is the best handphone LCD touch screen. Nokia or any other brands are still far behind.



Little Inbox,

Maybe those games will spearhead you to be a real entreprenuer one day :-)

Little Inbox said...

MRC, it's my dream since a kid. However, got to think twice cuz the business may occupy majority of my time. Will I going to sacrifice my time? Still a question mark .

nana said...

omg haha..when i first read this post of yours, i thought you were opening a hair salon for real! [paiseh..]

Little Inbox said...

Hahaha...nolar, I have no talent in hair dressing.