Thursday, April 23, 2009

Some Updates

This blog is abandoned for almost 10 days. Sorry to my dear blog. I have no idea what to write.

Anyway, I recall what I've done since the beginning of April:

I've picked up a habit. I spend some time each night to read on nutrition, health, recipe, and religious books.

I followed a natural detox program for the first time. Although I just shed off a few kilos, but I managed to fit into my old jeans and slacks. This is a good start, and I swear I will do the detox on regular basis.

I will try my best to exercise at least twice a week for 30 minutes.

I also spend some time to study on healthy recipes. I introduce more fresh vegetables, fruits and whole grains in our daily diet.

My goal is to maintain a healthier life and to be as slim as before married. :P



Yes, little inbox, you can do it.....& as long u r back, will want to know what's going on your mind now.... :-)

KaDusMama said...

as slim as before married?? Did you gained weight after you got married??
I wanted to be healthy as possible...but i can't stay away from junk food..*sigh*
How ah??

New Kid on the Blog said...

I just don't have the determination of doing it... am I under depression???

Little Inbox said...

MRC, sometimes I don't know what should I write whenI sit in front of my net book. So, I just go to bed earlier recently. To pamper myself for good night sleep.

Kadus Mama, yalor, sad nia. :(

New kid, not depression la, lazy kua? Sometimes, I can just sitting there doing nothing.