Friday, May 15, 2009

Gilberg's Fresh Market @ Southlands Boulevarde

Last Friday morning when we arrived Perth, auntie (sister in law's mother) drove us to Southlands Boulevarde Shopping Centre. One of brother in law's computer shop is located inside the mall. Once we completed shopping at Coles, we dropped by the Gilberg's Fresh Market just to look around.

I couldn't stop myself from snapping some photos on those fresh vegetables. See the capsicums? They are very fresh and colorful.

Here, you can find different species of onions and potatoes.

The celery is tall and plump. It's totally different from what we have in Malaysia, which I call it baby celery or malnutritioned celery. I can imagine how juicy the celery is. It's definitely one of my favorite ingredient to make detoxification juice. :)

We can hardly see such fresh tomatoes in neither wet market nor hypermarket in Malaysia. Agree?

Fresh flower are sold in Gilberg's Fresh Market too.



You must love cooking !!

Little Inbox said...

Yup, I do! :)

KaDusMama said...

eh?? U in Aussie now?? I missed out ur post before..
The Tommato surely look very good!! Very u have to plant it urself, then only can get the fresh one..kan?? :)

Little Inbox said...

Kadus Mama, yes, just back from Perth last evening.