Sunday, August 24, 2008

First Pair Of Crocs

When we were in Gurney Plaza the other day, we happened to walk by Crocs shop. They are having a promotion now (get 15% off on your third pair of crocs if you buy two pairs).

Initially hubby was thinking want to buy me a pair of sassari. I do love its style, but I don't want a long lasting expensive sandals. I would rather use the same amount of money to get few pairs of various design sandals instead. Most of the ladies will not want to just wearing the same pair of sandals, right?

So, ended up, hubby got himself a pair of yukun. The favorite-shoe-look with this new favorite style. And it doesn't look ugly like the original ones with holes everywhere :)

Crocs are made of their proprietary foam resin "croslite" and forms itself to wearer's feet. It is really soft and comfortable.


mekurukito said...

crocs now have a variety of designs already eh? i used to think that they look so weird and ugly. i dont have one but my mom does!

Allie said...

I bought one pair of Santa Cruz. It's comfortable and suitable for me who always face leg pain.

Little Inbox said...

Nana, yes, Crocs have lots of new design lately. More variety to choose.

Allie, notice that quite a lot of model which still can't find in Panang. Hubby fall in love with his Crocs. :)

New Kid on the Blog said...

Hmmm... dont like their design leh.

Little Inbox said...

New kid, from the internet info, quite a number of ppl dislike their design, and also publish a lot of negative reviews.
Anyway, hubby like his shoes very much.