Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Microwave Oven? No!

Years back, we received a microwave oven as our wedding present. It's in my kitchen all the while, but I guess I've used it not more than 5 times. It has never been my trusty kitchen helper. Not because of I don't appreciate the gift, just that I don't have confident in microwave technology. I doubt about the food quality and safety as well.

Read on The Daily Green regarding Microwave in Glass. The author highlights precautions to be noted while using microwave oven. The article says:

For health reasons, it's safer to opt for heat-resistant glass or ceramic containers for use in microwaves. It's also greener: It reduces our reliance on plastics, which create CO2 in their production, and cuts down on trash.

Heating increases the likelihood that chemicals will be released from a material. Certain chemicals called plasticizers (such as DEHA), which are used to make plastics soft and pliable, are known to pass into foods under heat. This is especially true of fatty foods like meat and cheese. Avoid using soft plastic containers, including regular plastic wrap, as well as take-out containers, in your microwave. And never reuse cartons from microwaveable meals.

Another study says that taking food which is heated up in microwave oven will cause cancer. This is scary, isn't it?

So, to be on the safe side, I prefer the traditional cooking method - the wok and the cooking stove.


Kadus_Mama said...

Like you, i doubt about the safety of using microwave oven..i read it somewhere last time, oven has this radiation that could lead to cancer?? I don't remember where exactly i read it..but it is enough to make me scared like hell..

New Kid on the Blog said...

one of my cousin die of a sudden death. suspect during conceiving that time go to near to microwave oven. my cousin was only a year plus old. it was a burst vein in his brain.

Little Inbox said...

Kadus mama, now I've got the microwave oven kept in the store room. :) Dare not touch it anymore.

New kid, that's really scary! Gosh, lucky all of us didn't rely on microwave oven.

New Kid on the Blog said...

even we dont, but many eatery outlet do rely on them to heat up the food for their customers.

Liang Mui said...

kadus mama..
u're rite. oven has radiation. but most of the electric stuff oso have it like TV and radio and even our precious LAPPIE. haha..

wah.. this is a bit serious man!

hmm.. well, i agree wif the radiation in oven but think back.. most of the electrical stuff oso hv.. so tak kan we dowan to use them rite? haha.. jus make sure tat it's within the safe level i think shld b ok gua. well, dun ask me abt the safety level ar.. this is wat i listen from an expert.

lil inbox
i think ur microwave oven can use once a while lar. of cos dun expect to on it for 24 hrs lar.. there the radiation will harm ur health lor :)

Little Inbox said...

new kid, now a days, normally I took homecook meal. Only once a week when travel back to SP will dine out. Even weekdays I have my lunch at my mom's place.

Liang Mui, if we are using LCD screen, then it reduces the radiation quite a lot. Well, at home, I still rely on slow cooker to boil my daily soup. :)

Liang Mui said...

nvm lar.. i oso dun hv microwave at home.. wahhaha.. onli got induction cooker and bread maker.. :D

New Kid on the Blog said...

well, it's always good to have mom cooked food. :)

Ninie Jane said...

hi Little inbox :) i changed my add to secretmelodyjane.blogspot :)

Little Inbox said...

Liang Mui, yalor I saw ur induction cooker in ur pasta post. :)

New kid, agree. At the same time, we can have the mama-daughter talk. Hehe...non-stop chit-chating.

Ninie Jane, ok, take note. I thought is secretgarden? Change your idea pulak?

jason said...

Yeah, I prefer the wok too.

Little Inbox said...

Jason, it's a better practice, and the food is tastier.