Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Jesus phone arrive in our family

Finally, after all the hype from the press, and non-stop ogling at the iPhone, we finally get one ourselves! Yes, the one and only iPhone, THE Jesus phone.

The initial response when we got hold of the unit is, Wow! The phone is fantastic, fluid and really captivating. We couldn't take our eyes off the screen and almost danced around with it screaming hallelujah! We tried out every thing possible with the phone, and the more we tried the more we are attracted to it, this baby is really something!

We also try to use our big fat fingers to poke on the screen, and typing messages. Initially we face some difficulties with it, entering the wrong letters but as Steve Jobs said we should trust it...so after some practice and trusting it (try to ignore minor mistakes), the phone software corrected the words magically and we are able to compose an email and chatting away using the phone.

Apart from that, the jail-broken iPhone allow us to install application with ease, thanks to the Installer app. You can find many types of softwares to download using the Installer app and before you know it we already fill up more than 2 pages of menu worth of applications.

The iPod works as great as before and the safari web browser is a bliss. We can now check our blog and even write a post using the device.

Overall experience is great and no complaints so far. We hope that Apple will continue to churn out more innovative products in the future.


New Kid on the Blog said...

Wow... iPhone!!
:( I don't have one.

CK Lam said...

Cool gadget..wish to have one too...hopefully birthday wishes do come true.

little inbox said...

new kid, hubby was eyeing the i-phone for some time already. Finally get it from BIL. :P

hi ck, hope your wish will come true too. :)

mekurukito said...

this used to be on my wishlist hehe. how much did you get it for? btw do you know if now the iphone can receive calls if you're on maxis? coz previously there was an issue with iphone; maxis users cannot receive incoming calls, only can make outgoing calls when using iphone..not sure if it's okay now.

little inbox said...

hi mekurukito, hubby getting it from his BIL fr Australia, the market price i think about RM1800+. With latest jailbroken firmware 1.1.4, you can use with any network in Malaysia, including Maxis.