Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sailing A Life Journey

'Life' is a 'visionary journey'. Sailing is good analog explaining a life journey. As you sail your ship, through the sea, it will continue its journey till it reached the destination set for it.

Everyone need to go through their life journey with strength and confidence. This can only be attained by identifying their destination.

To end of your journey, you must determine your destination and choose the right path. Most people knew their destination but failed to choose the right path. This happened if there's no proper guidance.

Or even maybe they as yet to identify 'new island' in their life. In other words, they still at 'old island' to reach their dream destination.


New Kid on the Blog said...

The post tells it all... nobody has a smooth life journey... it's always ups and downs. We had our down time, now we are looking forward for our ups. Right?

little inbox said...

Yea new kid. And we are here to encourage and share info with each other,aren't we?

Kadus_Mama said...

I love this post..remind me of our actual life kan?

little inbox said...

Yes kadus_mama, betul. This is actually I learn from a training recently.