Tuesday, July 22, 2008

An E-mail

I feel a little bit down this morning. A lot of things appear in my mind, including the ups and downs. Suddenly I'm thinking of want to check out my personal mailbox see if there's any email from New Kid. Nobody knows about my hotmail account, except New Kid. I created this email when New Kid and I started our conversation. I can't remember when was my previous log in to my hotmail account. It could be in May?

Surprisingly, there's an unread e-mail from her. An e-mail received in 14th June, and yet is remained unread till today, 22nd July. Sorry New Kid, I have overlooked it. Not because that I don't want to reply your e-mail.

Thanks for your encouragement. I appreciate your care. Your words truely warm my soul. I'm happy that we are here to support each other. I believe you feel the same too, right?


Liang Mui said...

:) so warm.. i feel the warmth too :)

Little Inbox said...

:) Still pending for new kid to read this post.

New Kid on the Blog said...

never expect I can be your content in your post.

this is what friends are for... I've read your reply. but at work, and today also kinda moody, didn't want to be interfered by it when i reply.

you do take care... like everyone ask us to do so.

perhaps you and hubby take a long break to go for a holiday. a holiday that you two like most. at times following tour group maybe too hectic for you. choose one is relaxing. just eat and sleep... like what we did in pangkor laut resort.

if money is not really a issue, do pick maldives for a short break. :)

Little Inbox said...

Hey new kid, to be honest, I really felt guilty for not checking out my mail box.

Actually I longed for a different holiday trip, prefer the free and easy type. I would like to go Australia, to experience the different environment, culture, and life style.

If my plan failed, then may be we'll go Bali, including SPA session. Or Bangkok for a shopping trip? :P

Anticipating now...

New Kid on the Blog said...

Hey, dont feel guilty. Cuz, this would not help us. Right?

I would encourage you to go Bali for a Spa session than a shopping spree in Bangkok.

Cuz, what you need right now is relax. Relax completely.

And, make sure your trip is coincide with the 'trying' time. Hope you understand.

That's how I planned for my Pangkor Laut trip.

Little Inbox said...

I understand it, new kid.
Perhaps a relaxing trip will really help.

Liang Mui said...

** i wang!! i wang!!
but i dowan to b the gooseberry. spare me out then :P

Little Inbox said...

Har???*Scratchingmy head* What do you mean Liang Mui? I'm not quite understand.