Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Property Of Your Choice

Browsing through the property listing web portal just now. I feel shocked by looking at the price for those condominiums for sale. More than 60% of the condos are cost for million ringgits. Wow, I'm so out dated in this type of information.

If you have millions, will you choose to own a condo rather than a bungalow or mansion? For me, I will definitely choose to have a landed property, with my own big garden. I would love to see colorful flowers blooming in my own garden. I would like to keep a big dog also. I know it will feel excited running around the compound. Having few kiddos playing in the garden will be absolutely fun. A big house with lots of happending = a happy family. That's what I'm looking for. Hmm...never forget to hire a gardener to keep the garden in order, and also a few maids to keep the house clean and tidy. :P Eh?? Am I dreaming? Wake up! Wake up!

How about you? What will be your perfect choice?

Okay, I just hopped back from just now. Took a House Test, see my test result below.

What the House Test Says About You

You consider yourself important, but no more important than anyone else. You love attention, but you don't feel like you deserve more of it than anyone else.

You aren't against being community oriented, but it's not really your thing. You tend to prefer to focus on your family and not the neighborhood around you.

You are a playful, charming, and seductive person. People feel instantly close to you.

You take good care of your physical appearance. You dress well, stay in shape, and do your best to look great.

You are moved by romance and love. You are optimistic about people, and you love hearing about happy endings.

I would say the test is quite accurate. Hmm... :P


Liang Mui said...

ta da!! me too.. get a bungalow instead of condo. well, i dun reali like condo.. haha...

how accurate is the test?

Little Inbox said...

Hehe Liang Mui, I forgot about one point. The bungalow must be located at the strategic location too.
Hmm...about the test, quite accurate. 80% "chun chun" ler.