Monday, September 1, 2008

Pills, pills, and more pills

Reading an article - Pills, pills,pills on the Star, make me think of my MIL.

Being a stroke patient, like MIL, polypharmacy is occurred very commonly. She has more than 10 types of medication prescribed by different specialists, such as orthopaedic and cardiologist. FIL acts as caregiver to MIL. He is the one that brings MIL for medical check-up. Also, he is the one who measure MIL's blood pressure daily basis and monitor MIL's sugar level on weekily basis. He needs to know and understand the purpose of every single medicines prescribed by doctors, including when to take and how much is the dossage. Now, he can remember all the description of the medicines.

He has big responsibility to take care of MIL, and he does well. One point that he highlighted to us - MIL is just depends on the medicine to continue her body function. If any medicine is missed, her life will be threathening for sure. Oh, sad........ :(


New Kid on the Blog said...

just like my FIL who is MIL's caregiver. dont know who will be ours?

Little Inbox said...

New kid, me?? Wondering too. I pray to die peacefully.