Sunday, September 28, 2008

Our Study Room

Over the last week, we've been busy setting up our study room. We sacrifice a guest room and utilized it as our dream study room. A total make over. :) We made an effort to clear all the things. We threw away tons of hubby's computer stuffs, some outdated hardwares, lots of empty boxes. We torn down the bed and moved the closet to another room, followed by a series of cleaning. A really hard job. All done by two of us.

We made several trips to furniture & electrical shops cuz we got to invest a lil' sum of money to decorate the installing an air conditioner unit, and also a bookshelf. For the computer desk and chairs, we just reallocate the current assets from our bedroom. Although it's a tiring job, but it's kind of fun. Hubby set up his desktop and our 2 notebooks, while I was busy hanging up MIL's homemade curtain and arranging our books. I moved in my exerciser too.

Finally, we get things done. Yippie! Now we have a specific room for our paper work, computer work, and reading. This will be hubby's home office too.

Dear, if you are too boring, may be we can keep a toy puppy, like this? :P


Jade said...

I think your Dear will agree so long as the lil' pup don't pee on the keypad =P.

Take care and have a good week ahead!

Little Inbox said...

Oh Jade, that's what he told me too. :)
Not bad to have a cute puppy acompany him while he's working. At least he doesn't get bored.

You too, take care...I'll be off from work from 30th noon till 5th of Oct. Hurray!

New Kid on the Blog said...
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New Kid on the Blog said...

nowadays for us, we definitely need a study room. otherwise, it'll be like fighting for a place for computer. :D

wow, you're going for a long holiday. where to?? anyway, enjoy it!! take care!

Little Inbox said...

New kid, company shut down, no choice. Hubby got to work, so no traveling for this round. Sien lor...Stay at home nia.

How about you?

Liang Mui said...

wow.. so great.. i hope liangzai and me can hv our own study room too in our new house.. but then all the rooms are occupied wif my sil, bil and my bro d. :D

Little Inbox said...

Liang mui, it's totally different when you have a study room.
Both hubby and I become more diciplined. Bedroom is just for relax and sleep only. No more work to bring to our bedroom. :)
Now I got to think of how to make over my bedroom pulak.

New Kid on the Blog said...

No holiday for me, as I've burn my pocket after the family event. :(

Will stay back at home... I dont mind as I can have my beauty sleep and rest too.

Did you manage to attend the 2nd Food Bloggers the other day??

Little Inbox said...

New kid, no wor...Penang Tua Pui said they have lots of fun wo....yesterday Huat Koay and myself chat through MSN. :)
Actually my intention of blogging is not to show up face one, all making friend on line, but now the trend is not the same already.
They have another gathering this coming Dec.

Ling That's Me said...

any room left for your child next time? :D

Kadus_Mama said...

:) Nice!! I always want a nice study room of my own..!

Little Inbox said...

Ling, yes, there are two more. :)

Kadus Mama, it's good for your children also, right?

New Kid on the Blog said...

i have never chat online with any bloggers friends, except you and Liang Mui occassionally we did email each other.

apparently the gathering was very successful and they exchange a lots of tips in attracting traffics and making money too.

Little Inbox said...

Hey, I just saw your email asking me whether I'm going to join the gathering. Sorry for late reply. I seldom check my hotmail.

I've been blogging for earning nothing. Just one of my hobby. :)
It'll be good to earn some money hor?

New Kid on the Blog said...

:) I heard they are going to have another one in DEc.
lots of blogger friends invited me to go, will you be considering too??

yes, it will be good to earn something. neither do i earn anything, that's why wanna learn from the master.