Monday, September 15, 2008

16th Sept 2008!

See the above conversation between Wai Wai & myself? Hehe, we were talking about the stock-up plan... Stock up food to prevent hunger if unforeseen political instability is going to be......Ops......Slap! Slap! Ok, ok. I do not wish that to happen anywhere, anywhen and to anyone. This is just a safety plan for our family. :P

So, we went for a shopping last Saturday. Let's see what I chosed and what he paid...

1. Brown rice
2. Can food - sardine, tuna and bake beans
3. instant noodle/organic noodle/vermicelli
4. Butter cookies/wafers
5. Red beans/raw peanuts/rock sugar
6. Omega eggs
7. Light soy sauce/garlics/onions/spaghetti sauce
8. Veggie and fruits
9. Chicken/ pork/ prawns
10. Burger/hotdogs

and I still have the following things at home...

1. Sweet potatoes/potatoes
2. Mee suah (rice vermicelli)
3. Pasta/spaghetti
4. Oats
5. Soya milk powder/ condensed milk/Milo
................................................................lots more

and of course a spare cooking gas...LOL!

Sigh...Sense our "kiasi" spirit?


Sweet Jasmine said...

Hi, looks like u are well prepare for the political tsunami..ha.ha.
btw thks for dropping at my place. Cheers.

Little Inbox said...

Sweet Jasmine, thanks for dropping too. I hope there won't be any political issue happen.

Kadus_Mama said...

Hahahaa!!! seriously!! Did you really stock up all those food??? :)
I hope a smooth transition will happen today..hehehe tired already with our political drama..

Little Inbox said...

Really one kadus mama. Hopefully nothing bad happend la...

New Kid on the Blog said...

for those people that had went thru the 513, am sure they are worried for the political tsunami. however, if this really happens, 1 could think of the investors will pull out from m'sia, and thus, our stock market will stumble down. of which this will affect whoever invested into it... and guess who will be the one?

having the plan like yours, isn't any bad idea.

Wai Wai said...

Ha ha... you really stock up eh? Hope your hubby did not complain that this wai wai caused him to spend unnecessary... ha ha.. Yeah I believe we all wanted peace in our land..

Christy said...

Hahaha, no worries, you're not the only one:p
I think most of the people are just stocking up...erm for rainy days:)
Nobody wants anything to happen...yeah, call us kiasi:p

Little Inbox said...

New kid, I'm I'm worry about the economy crisis that just begins...Most employers will cut their headcounts I guess...More and more ppl unemployed.

Wai Wai, no worry, this food can still be consumed if nothing happen. So, just cut down the stock in for the next few weeks. Haha...

Christy, thanks for dropping by. :) I like your angel.

New Kid on the Blog said...

Economy crisis is nothing we can avoid, it happens almost every 10 years.

Apart from that, if the political things are not going to settle soon or smooth, what will harm us is a major crisis.

This is very much depending on those people in power knows what is the consequences or the impact if they continue with this issue.

Investors are pulling out from the country, and those suffered are us.

Little Inbox said...

It's gonna affect us. True...10 years once?
10 years ago, I was still in secondary school, so nothing much affected. But now? sigh.........