Friday, April 25, 2008

Our New Bed

Our solid wood bed broke a year ago. Solid wood wor, still can get broken so easily. I've been dragging for one year to get a new bed for us. We slept with our matress on the floor. Our master bedroom is on the first floor, not at the ground floor, so it's not harmful to our body (according to old follk's theory).

On last weekend, my dear and I went shopping for our new bed. Both of us prefer the lower bed like those Japanese style or the simple platform style. Mainly is we want a strong bed with better support. No more broken bed. :( After visiting to 5 or 6 furniture shops, finally we found one that suits our requirements. We chose the divan bed with:

* High quality, soft feel, dark brown PU material
* 8" Divan thickness for better support
* Anti-slip Divan top
* Full-length headboard with high-quality resilient foam

We will use back our comfit fibre matress. It's a heavy but very comfortable mattress made of natural coconut fibre. It provides good support to our backs.

Yay! New bed was delivered yesterday. We did have a good night sleep last night. We are satisfied with our new bed. No more sleeping on the floor. Sleep higher for better luck, according to Feng Shui. ;-) Superstitious hor?


New Kid on the Blog said...

such bed could give you good nite sleep!!!

little inbox said...

new kid, ya, agree!!

Kadus_Mama said...

wow!! nice bed!!

little inbox said...

kadus_mama, thank you!