Wednesday, April 23, 2008

To Stay Or To Leave?

Since the beginning of 2008, all the employees in our company have been "hoohoohaahaa" non-stop. Rumors keep on spreading to the whole organization. Lots of colleagues resigned from our company and some are hunting for new jobs. For me, so far I have never think of leaving the company, coz I have too many products to take care of. No time to plan about it at this moment. I guess I will stay with the company as long as I can.

I don't think our company is that bad. I worked in several companies before, in a Japanese MNC, in a local listed company, in a Singapore based company, and in a US MNC. I experienced the working life in both OEM and subcon. However, I spend the longest period with my current company. Mainly there are few reasons:

1. work load is reasonable, not so pressure.
2. do not need to travel, coz I used to travel alone extensively in my previous job. I hate it!
3. can go back on time to cook my dinner, ;P
4. pay wise is considered average, much more higher than previous company affords to pay :-)
5. my boss appreciates my job.
6. no politics in the office.
7. it's just 10 minutes drive from my home.

In last Dec, we got our contractual bonus. Besides, top management announced that if company can achieve the 2007 goal as per committed to the corporate, then we will have our extra bonus in somewhere around Apr 2008. That's why we are looking for something "extra" since last month. Waiting and waiting for the announcement through Bulletin. And finally......we have reached that moment. Good news! Yay! Month end got bonus ler! Hurray! Yippy! :P


New Kid on the Blog said...


little inbox said...

new kid, thanks...

mekurukito said...

if you can list down 7 reasons to stay then that's good enough. hope everything will turn out well for you!

ps/ i'm not sure but personally i think the breakouts are caused by the facial -.-'

little inbox said...

Hi mekurukito, yea, agree! I know I like my current job.

BTW, about facial, I did have experience that some facial session cause breakouts, but some just able to clear all the dirts and breakouts, and purify skin. Should find out which saloon provide skin care products that suit us the most.