Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I was tagged by Lil' Ms Pinky on my skin care and cosmetics products. Frankly speaking, I don't make-up a lot. I just put up a very basic foundation and lip stick.

My foundation: Previously I used L'oreal's liquid foundation. But after my mom recommend to me the Shiseido stick foundation, I swear I don't want to use liquid foundation anymore. This sun protection stick foundation SPF 35 PA++ is so amazing! It is a treatment-enriched stick foundation that defends against powerful UVA/UVB rays. It provides a sheer, natural finish. Glides on effortlessly to give skin a smooth, radiant look. :P

My lipstick: I have a whole series of Maybelline lipsticks. My favourite colors are pure plum, buff, chestnut and cranberry pink.

My blush: It's included in my Lancome set, which normally I don't use.

My essential beauty product: Ginverra Nutri White Marvel Gel & Simple's Deep Cleansing Mask.

My favorite make-up product: Lancome's all in one make up set.

My perfume: I don't use perfume.

My nails: I don't apply anything on my finger nails. I use Wet "n" Wild on my toe nails occasionally.

Three products to bring on a deserted island: Sunblock, Vaseline Intensive Care lotion and oil removal tissues.

My legs & my hands: Vaseline Intensive Care lotion - Aloe Cool & Fresh and Total Moisture

Women I admire for their beauty: A lots

Women with the best sense of style: Be average

My ultimate dream: To have an angel face and super sexy figure. :D

My favorite fashion publication: Hmm...not so specific

~~~~~~~~Mission Completed~~~~~~~~


Lil' Ms Pinky said...

Hi..thanks for doing the tag. One of these days, I will drop by the Shiseido counter and check out that stick foundation. :)

Little Inbox said...

Lil' Ms Pinky, actually Shiseido have a wide range of foundation products. I tried the tube one also. It's very good as well.

Liang Mui said...

aiks.. wide range of cosmetics products.. i onli use ARTISTRY for skin care and cosmetics.. the rest i dun dare to try cos my skin oso siao siao one.. haha.. i tried CLINIQUE but it doesnt suits me too..

Little Inbox said...

Hi Liang Mui, my skin too...Once I found a suitable skin care products, I'll just stick to it. No guts to experiment other products on my face.

Liang Mui said...

ya ya.. i cant accept when my face turns teruk.. haha.. i'm having face allergy now.. ever since CNY. my mood is extremely down. jus imagine 3rd day of CNY and ur face is full of pimples.. and it happened out of sudden. i was so so sad dun ever dare to go out wif my frens. jus tel them i got face allergy. dun get shocked after see-ing me.. ** cry cry ** luckily now getting better!

Little Inbox said...

Liang mui, take good care! Sometimes it our hormone related issue, not because of products, since you didn't try any new products, right?

New Kid on the Blog said...

am using sheseido moisturizer, toner, cleanser, and lipstick. Can't use other brand due to skin alergy.
glad that i dont need to do this home work.
but then hor, you did it well.

New Kid on the Blog said...
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Little Inbox said...

Hi new kid, oh, thank you...I did it with my heart. That's what we call good work,...hahaha.

Ninie Jane said...

Shiseido. I often changed mine. nothing suit to my oily skin :( sure got some, but still trying to figure wat type sud i take :)

mekurukito said...

ooh i love those all in one makeup set!! :D ..i can go crazy over them although i'm not much of a makeup person in the first place ahaha..

Little Inbox said...

Ninie Jane, my skin is oily too, but I just like the foundation stick.

Nana, ladies always fall in love with cosmetics. Spending money to buy those collection but end up wasting money cuz use so little only already expired... :(