Sunday, June 15, 2008

Weekly Marketing

My dear and I will go to market once a week to buy all the ingredients for our home cooked meals. The ingredients will cover for our Sunday's lunch and dinner + 5 weekdays dinner. Kadus_Mama mentioned that she bought 3 carrots + 4 tomatoes + small lotus root at RM10. Wow, that's expensive lar. So, I have decided to make my calculation on how much I spend for my weekly marketing.

Here's what we bought today:

1. A bunch of Choy Sum flower + a bunch of spinach + 1 carrot + a bunch of veggie as per the above photo + a bunch of French beans + a bunch of mint leaves + 1 bunga kantan & some herbs + a small lotus root + a small bunch of lemon grass = RM11.

2. Half of chicken cost at RM5.

3. 4 fish fillet (RM12) + 4 medium size kembung fish (RM2) + 1kg of white prawns (RM15) = RM29

4. 2 hard bean curds+ 5 big fish balls + a packet of laksa noodles = RM5.20

5. Chicken soup herbs = RM4

6. 3 Pears+ 5 oranges = RM10

So, end up the grand total as RM64.20. I'm satisfied to get all the above with that amount of money. Not to forget, from the raw food, we earn a week's healthy home cooked dishes ler... What do you think? Cheap or expensive?


alexander said...

Very interesting. Thanks for sharing. :D

Alex's World! -

Liang Mui said...

wah.. quite cheap...

i got myself sth yesterday too

1) chinese soup herbs for detoxifying = RM16 (orh.. it's for my face lar.. got allergy since after CNY and it doesnt seems to get well)

2) a lotion for my face too = RM6

3) 1 small beijing cabbage + 1 small carrot + 1 red capsicum = RM3.30

4) chicken breast (wahahha.. dunnno how to call tat in english so i direct translate from mandarin) = Rm7.70

total = RM33 but this can onli last for one meal and the other half of the chicken wil b stored in Phreeezeerr.. haha... hai~ veli expensive... headache...

Liang Mui said...

oppss.. forget my jagung = RM3.50...

latest total = RM36.50...

Money Not Enuff ar..

boss, can i hv a raise in my salary for abt 40% too?? ehehhe...

Little Inbox said...

Alex, do u cook yourself too?

liang mui, my list is not including lotion yet wor. Haha. Yes, chicken breast, correct description. :)

New Kid on the Blog said...

wow, cheap leh!!! that shows that you can visit wet market, huh???

Liang Mui said...

haha... duno wat lotion is tat.. sort of like those herbal paste.. for my face lar.. my mum ask me to get 1.. so i ma get one lor.. dowan the elder ppl to nag me too much and dowan her to worry sick abt my face lar..

Wai Wai said...

Averagely I spent RM70-80 for weekly stock:
1 kampung chicken, 1 chicken breast - RM16-17
Pork ribs - RM5 - 6
Fish fillet x3 - RM12
A box of egg - RM4
Prawns - RM5
Vege (1 carrot, 3-4 tomatoes, lotus root, "loh wong kuah", "sai yeong choy, spinach, cabbage, brocolli, french beans, bitter gourd) - RM10 - 15
Onions, garlic, potatoes - RM2
Miscellaneous - RM5

CK Lam said...

I say that is really good housekeeping for the expenses... money can be stretched quite a bit with good planning :)

Kadus_Mama said...

wah..why yours is cheap one?? i went to wet market yesterday and price of fish already increased. I spent RM32 just for 4 slices of tenggiri and few pcs of don't know what fish...
End up spending more than RM50 loh..I think, the goods in kl more expensive in penang? i think only was crazy over here..everything so expsive. half chicken cost about RM9 oh..not pengsan kah?

Little Inbox said...

new kid, yes still can visit wet market, but I heard my sister said that wet markets in Mainland some very expensive lor, especially fish.

waiwai, I know you are a good finacial controller. :) RM70-80 plus the catering food still cheap for 5 pax. Must learn from you, really. :)

cklam, actually I didn't keep track all the while, but I'm interested to know how much I spend lor. That's why I have this post.

Kadus_Mama, averagely the price in KL is much more expensive lor. Here, I know which fishmonger offer the better price cuz they are the fisherman as well. So, can get fresh & cheaper fish. :P